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  1. ReenaPP

    Preggo & Post-Partum Induced Carpal Tunnel

    Hi - anyone out there have experience with post partum carpal tunnel? Apparently, I have it and my neurologist told me rest, rest, rest, which means most of my upper body workouts (so desperately needed tohelp with losing the last 13 or so pounds of baby weight) are out for a it...
  2. ReenaPP

    Cathe, any chance you can update the January 06 rotation

    Hi Cathe - since you recently updated the rock bottoms rotation, I was wondering if you could take a look at the January 2006 rotation (90 mins heavy cardio) and revise it to incorporate some of the shock cardio dvds, the 4DS cardios, along with intensity? I am starting to plan some rotations a...
  3. ReenaPP

    Ab Compilation Focusing on Plank Work and or Standing Core

    Similar to ab hits, how about a compilation of previous dvds that focus on plank and/or standing core work with a bit of stability ball thrown in, which is easier for certain populations (back issues, pregnancy, etc.). Cathe already has a ton of material; the issue is getting it in one place...
  4. ReenaPP

    Gym Styles - What else do you do when you use them in a given week

    Hi - just curious and wanted input - when you utilize the gym style series (assuming you do all 3 together in a given week), do you also do 1 full body workout (such as muscle max or muscle endurance)? That was traditionally my mo, to work each body part minimum of 2x per week, but I got such...
  5. ReenaPP

    Calling All Sookie Fans

    so, who finished Dead and Gone? Wow, it is getting pretty horrible reviews by readers on Amazon. I actually liked it, but wished there were more of it....short for a CH book.... Don't want to post any spoilers yet, but would love to hear some thoughts if anyone is interested in discussing...
  6. ReenaPP

    ooohhhh Ugly Betty is Filming on my street today

    actually they are filming by the Washington Square arch, but the wardrobe and make-up trailers are outside my window....nothing exciting, but just figured I would share because I am killing time on lunch :-) Happy Wednesday!
  7. ReenaPP

    STSers on the Road Trip

    I know you are out there - we should find each other to compare results and war stories :-)
  8. ReenaPP

    Weights & Plates

    I must confess, after doing some leg plate work (actually rag substitute) with Cathe on the roadtrip in July and then viewing the youtube clip inclusive of abs plate work, I opened my box, ooohhhed and aaahhhhed at the quality of the series packaging, skimmed the user guide, then ripped open...
  9. ReenaPP

    Downloadable MP3s from Workout Soundtracks

    Not exactly a DVD suggestion, but definitely something I would buy - ideal scenario would be a library/catalogue of all tracks used in cathe workouts - well, maybe just since the intensity series, with the ability to select and choose individual songs for purchase/download. I love alot of the...
  10. ReenaPP

    Cathe - Paragon Sports Partnership

    So excited to hear about the partnership with Paragon Sports, particulary since I work in Union Square .... whoo-hooo! Bummed that I missed a chance run-in with Cathe to shower her with deserving praise and gratitude as one of my heroes (I assume this was the business trip she mentioned to...
  11. ReenaPP

    Fit Mommies to Be Sticky Not Working Since Migration

    Hi SNM - Can you help? Similar to the link for Cathe's rotational posts, the old link summarizing general exercise guidelines for newly pregnant mommies has disappeared. I checked the archives (albeit quickly) and could not find it. Can you replace the link in the existing sticky post or...
  12. ReenaPP

    MBT Shoes - Just Wearing Them Works You Out....Anyone E...

    Hi Everyone, Anyone ever heard of MBT shoes? It is a shoe that supposedly improves posture, works your leg and buttock muscles and reduces stress on joints. It says it is excellent for folks who stand all day long....My mother-in-law is such a person and she is interested, but the cost is...
  13. ReenaPP

    Cardio While Pregnant - Your Experiences

    Hi Everyone, Not new to Cathe forums (more of an observer than poster :-), but definitely new to this particular one....looking to conceive within the next few months (hopefully) and had a prenatal visit with a new ob-gyn yesterday. She told me a few things that contradict alot of info I...