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  1. pwmatt

    On Demand Loading Issue with Roku

    Anyone have problems with On Demand while using Roku? Things were fine until this week. My content stops multiple times for "loading". My internet connection and wireless connection are fine. Roku has the connection tagged as "fair". Is it my connectivity or a issue? Thank you
  2. pwmatt

    chest fly form

    Hi Cathe. As I was doing a chest, shoulder and tricep workout with my daughter, she questioned my form on the bench flies. I was using my step as a bench and lifting 15lb DBs. I bend my elbows when I go down and come up. She uses much lighter weights and keeps her arms straight as she flies...
  3. pwmatt

    stretch missing on Low impact premix?

    Question for SNM or anyone? I have done 2 different premixes from Low Impact HIIT. From LIH one, I did premix #5( LIH HIIT 1 plus core 1) and from LIH two, I did premix #6( LIH HIIT 2 plus core 2). On both of those premixes, the stretch was missing. It is listed on the description, but never...
  4. pwmatt

    Washing workout shoes?

    How does everyone do it? I have Rykas and they are in need of cleaning. Should I put them in the washing machine? Thanks in advance :D
  5. pwmatt

    Looking for a roomie

    Congrats everyone! I am looking for a roomate. I'm easy peasy to get along with:) This is my 4th Glassboro road trip and I've met some wonderful folks and looking forward to meeting more! Anyone care care to share a room?
  6. pwmatt

    Cathe shopping

    Can you tell me what type of items will be available to buy at the gym? Will all the Zazzle things be an option for us or will it be as in past years? Thank you and I can't wait!!
  7. pwmatt

    Is there a Who's who book this year?

    Did I miss it? I can't remember any emails or anything about it. I suppose its kind of late now.
  8. pwmatt

    Daily Check in tues June 22

    just starting us off - RS today:)
  9. pwmatt

    Daily check in weekend June 19&20

    Morning gang. I did HSC last eve and will do a BM2 cardio premix this morn. I have a high school graduation party today and will be doing some packing. I'm going to FLA on Wed and staying to Mon. Yippee! I'm so looking forward to it!
  10. pwmatt

    Daily check in June 18

    Good morning! High step challenge is on the rotation for today. I think I will do it this evening instead of this morning. I slept in a little today. Everyone has plans later, so I'll have the house to myself. :) What does everyone have on tap for the weekend?
  11. pwmatt

    Daily check in June 17

    Today is a first for me. I'm trying MMA kickboxing. It is on FF's rotation, so here goes...
  12. pwmatt

    Daily check in June 16

    Good morning all! Today is leg day. I'll be doing STS disc 29. Have a great one!
  13. pwmatt

    Daily Weekend Check in Sat and Sun June 12 & 13

    Becky, no I never went to the dr. I figured he would only tell me what I already know - bandage for support and immobilize. So, I've been taking it easy and I was using an ace bandage when I did WO. Im past that now and can exercise without it. The worst part was sneezing. I dreaded it and tried...
  14. pwmatt

    Daily check in Thurs June 10

    Did you think I fell off the face of the earth? ;) I'm just doing the healing thing - feeling much better. I did Step Moves and KPC abs today. I can still feel twinges in my rib are, but but better indeed! How is everyone?
  15. pwmatt

    Daily Check in Tues May 25

    Here we go. I'm trying some cardio. I think LIS as it is low impact. I have my ribs bound with an ace bandage so I am unable to wear my HRM. This should be interesting.
  16. pwmatt

    Daily check in Mon May 24

    I'm baack! It's been a little nuts for me lately! I did some stuff in the hotel fitness room, but here's the rub. I think that I have cracked a rib. I have osteoporosis and I didn't do anything that I remember to have this happen. It began a few weeks ago and was actually starting to heal. Then...
  17. pwmatt

    Daily Check in Mon May 10

    Monday again! Yuck! My check ins this week and next will be more sporadic then usual! I'm traveling to Boston this week and Chicago next week for work. I hope to try travel fit while I'm gone and I'll take advantage of the hotel's fitness room. :) Today is a DM premix.
  18. pwmatt

    Weekend check in May 8&9

    Leg day for me. I did STS D9. Thats a good one all except for the wall squats. I dislike them!
  19. pwmatt

    Daily check in Thurs May 6

    My favorite today - IM2!! I'm off to Baltimore for the day for work. It's gonna be a looong day!
  20. pwmatt

    Daily check in May 4

    I still can't believe its May already! Sheesh! Its unbelievable how fast the time goes! ME for me today!