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  1. debbydarestobefit

    Labral Tears in the Hip

    I was wondering if anyone on the forums has been diagnosed and treated for this condition? If so, what was your treatment and how effective was it and how long did it last? Thanks in advance for any info. Deb
  2. debbydarestobefit

    NROWLFW - revisted

    Hello all, and and happiest of new year wishes! I was wondering about those of you who used the New Rules of Weight LIfting for Women book last year and what your results were like. Were you able to complete the full program (around 6 months I think)? Did you follow the nutrition plan? Were...
  3. debbydarestobefit

    SNM - blog request

    Would it be possible to put the date of the last blog update on the homepage where you click on the blog? That way we could be alerted to new postings right away. Thanks for considering this. Deb
  4. debbydarestobefit

    Cathe - will STS be suitable for less advanced also?

    Hi Cathe, Congratulations on your launching of a new product ... it sounds fabulous! I've been doing your workouts for awhile (minus plyos) but suffered a rotator cuff injury this fall and just had surgery 2 weeks ago and started rehab exercises today. So I know I'll be spending some time...
  5. debbydarestobefit

    shoulder impingement/biceps tendonitis?

    I was recently dx w/ this and have curtailed upper body workouts and go for PT 3x/week. The worst part is difficulty sleeping - can't get comfortable. I've been reading some on the internet about it. Was wondering if others have had this and how your rehab went? How long did it take before...
  6. debbydarestobefit

    ? on software

    I understand the software is going to be web-based, meaning you have to have internet access to utilize it. Will it ever become free-standing, so it could be utilized without the internet connection? Will it track cardio workouts & energy expended also? TIA, Deb
  7. debbydarestobefit

    ? for Kathryn and other Vegans

    I'm considering easing into more vegetarian/vegan eating. What books would you recommend for this? Also, what brand of soy milk do you recommend both for the nutritional value and the taste? Or do you prefer rice or almond milk? TIA, Deb
  8. debbydarestobefit

    Rear v. Front Lunges?

    What are the major differences between rear lunges and front lunges? How do they work your legs differently? I feel more unsteady going forward than going backward as I'm concerned about my knees more in the forward lunge. TIA, DEb
  9. debbydarestobefit

    ? for BFFM enthusiasts:

    Are you a member of the BFFM Inner Circle? If yes, how is it? TIA, Deb
  10. debbydarestobefit

    How often for ab workouts?

    Just curious. I know that many say you should wait 48 hours between muscle workouts, but others claim that abs can be worked with good results on a daily basis. I've come to enjoy working my abs and tend to work them 4-5x/week. Just curious what others do. Deb
  11. debbydarestobefit

    SNM -- Blog mistake??

    The blog shows a practice session for "Lower Intensity Step" ... shouldn't that be "Lower Impact Step"? Or is the workout also lower intensity as compared to the "High Intensity"? Guess I'm confused ... I assumed High Intensity meant higher impact, but that Low Impact didn't necessarily mean...
  12. debbydarestobefit

    Blog and new set

    Just wanted to say that I like the new set posted on the blog. it amazes me that you go to such lengths to update everything. Such quality and consideration. Thanks! Deb
  13. debbydarestobefit

    separate chapter for cool down

    Hi Cathe, I frequently use your premixes, and often create my own workout from the mix/match feature (thanks for including these!). In the 4 workouts from 2006 you have a "card" that tells us to pause and walk around/cool down for 3 mintues on our own and then it goes to the stretch. I find...
  14. debbydarestobefit

    SNM or Cathe -- any updates on this promised feature??

    About a year or so ago, you posted this about a tutorial feature: "We're not planning on doing this on our new DVDs, but you very well may see something like this on our website in the very near future. This is a new part of our website that we’ve been working on for over 6 months that you...
  15. debbydarestobefit or other online diet support??

    Do any of you utilize or some other type of online diet support program? If you have, what has been your experience? I'm working through "The Beck Diet" book and one of the tasks is to find a diet coach or support group. I'm thinking that an online support group may be easier for...
  16. debbydarestobefit

    M.B.T. shoes?

    Ok, I've been having problems again with my feet ... been seeing a podiatrist who has tried various inserts in preparation for orthotics. The inserts have helped but haven't completely eliminated the pain. The dr. today suggested I look into MBT shoes. I've searched the net and most sites...
  17. debbydarestobefit

    Cathe - autograph?

    Hi Cathe, just rec'd a nice treat this evening ... my workouts arrived today! They look great! Thanks so much for the "bonus". The little thank you note from you actually had a "Cathe" signature signed in ink. Is this really your signature or did your many helpers help out? If yours, whoa...
  18. debbydarestobefit

    other fitness-focus forums?

    I enjoy these forums so much! I usually check in at least 3-5 times a week and gain so much reading the postings. I was wonder what other fitness-related forums that people use regularly. I tried a search on this topic but it didn't come up with much. Thanks for your input!
  19. debbydarestobefit

    Legs & Glutes -- anyone take breaks?!

    When I do L&G, I periodically have to pause the workout to catch my breath. I don't with Strong Legs (Cathe offers breaks on that one). Now, I don't get DOMS with L&G, even though I find it more difficult, but do get DOMS with SL. I use about the same weights for both workouts. What do you...
  20. debbydarestobefit

    Impressive Kickmax pictures

    I've been exploring the site a bit more in-depth and took a gander at the pictures from the various workouts ... wow! Some of those photos really show muscle definition ... I'm impressed. I don't notice this as much when I'm doing a video cuz I'm more focused on the cueing and the...