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  1. Denise R

    Anyone hoping Cathe announces new workouts soon?

    I was thinking today that around this time of year Cathe brings up new workouts and pre-sales. I would love additional Perfect 30 workouts. I have so many ideas for that! Anyone else hoping for a pre-order sale soon?!
  2. Denise R

    Perfect flow question

    Cathe, I would love for one of the Perfect Flow workouts to be a mobility type stretching. I've seen online videos of this but no one has a good dvd of it. Will any of the 2 include mobility training/stretching?
  3. Denise R

    Pyramid Pump--premixes?

    I am curious as to what premixes (if any) were chosen for Pyramid Pump. I love that you added Pyramid Lower Body to Stacked Upper Body. Can't wait to put all of these into an awesome rotation!
  4. Denise R

    Strong by Zumba

    Wow! I came across this on Amazon. Zumba to the beat. You can watch a little clip on Amazon. Anyone else think this looks good? Denise
  5. Denise R

    So loving 30 minute workouts right now

    Hi! I am really enjoying 30 minute workouts right now. I'm doing Jessica Smith's new Walk Strong 3 8 week program (). It is very well rounded and each workout is only 30 minutes long. I also recently got Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Build and Burn (). 5 days, 30 minutes each. I also plan to use...
  6. Denise R

    Workout Manager question

    Hi! In the past when I'd check that I completed a workout, it would show up on my Facebook feed. It is no longer doing that. Does anyone know how to fix that so it will show up? Thanks in advance! Denise
  7. Denise R

    2 new Mike Donavan dvd's, preorder, releasing next week

    They look pretty good. Here is the link: :)
  8. Denise R

    Good news! (new dvds)

    OMG! Greg Twombly just posted on Facebook: "Serious day of working and finished a few DVDs for and can't wait for the weekend." I am stoked! I can't wait to hear more! Denise
  9. Denise R

    3 years ago today, Cathe made announcement for new videos (from my Facebook feed) so.....

    So.. This is about that time of year when Cathe announces she will be filming. I wonder if she'll film this year. I would LOVE more strength workouts. I'd like a traditional all upper body workout, as I felt Chiseled Upper Body wasn't. Plus more low impact high intensity workouts! (hey a...
  10. Denise R

    I'm starting the 8 hour diet, so far a success! (lost 7 lbs and counting)

    Hi! I've been watching horselady21's threads on intermittent fasting and started the 8 hour diet. I pick a time frame, say 9:30a-5:30p and eat whatever I'd like until full and then once window is up, my eating stops. Nothing before or after. I've seriously lost 7 lbs (I'm sure water...
  11. Denise R

    New Jessica Smith 5 mile walk I love walking with Jessica! She is so fun and engaging. I wonder when this will be released? Just wanted to share! Denise
  12. Denise R

    New Shaun T workout: Cize dance workout I am not a seller of this, just wanted to share that this coming out. I am not a "dancer" but this looks fun. So, what do you all think? Denise
  13. Denise R

    Reverse pyramid training, I'd love for Cathe to do this I really enjoy Cathe's pyramid workouts. I would LOVE for Cathe to do a dvd workout with reverse pyramid training to compliment the original one. Any thoughts? Denise
  14. Denise R

    Who is in the Hit It Chest, Tri's, Front Delts?

    I don't recall seeing any pics for that and if I missed it, I am sorry. Thanks!
  15. Denise R

    Anyone else excited about the HiiT updates on Tuesday, 9/30?

    I am really excited to hear ANY tidbit about the new series, especially since it has been so quiet. Just a few more days! ;) Denise
  16. Denise R

    Dressed Up Drills with Kristin Dowell preorder now up!

    I posted this over at VF and thought I'd share here too for those interested in a drill type cardio workout. She shares a lot of info on her new dvd, Dressed Up Drills, including a good clip and info on music, premixes, etc. Description Looks like the price is $14.95 with free...
  17. Denise R

    Michelle Dozios filming again in July, New BodyFit 360 & More Peak 10

    Saw this on Facebook: "I need my dose of happy today. Bodyfit 360 helps me sweat, work, stretch and release. Looking forward to seeing my Breakthru Fitness peeps at 9:30am. Home peeps, I am working out the finishing touches for a brand new BodyFIT 360 DVD. Filming the first week of July - More...
  18. Denise R

    New Horizontal Conditioning dvd Clip: Horizontal Conditioning Body Blast - YouTube I thought I posted this earlier but didn't see it. Just wanted to share since I know some Cathe fans enjoy HC too! Denise
  19. Denise R

    For anyone who likes Wen, QVC has the gallons on sale

    Here is the link: WEN Gallons — WEN by Chaz Dean— Beauty — Has anyone tried the bamboo green tea? I'm interested in that one. Denise
  20. Denise R

    Tracie Long fans--She is filming again!!

    Tracie posted a pic on her facebook page (love the set) and had this to say: "Guess what we've been working on? Titles and release dates to be announced shortly! Thanks for all your support! It's good to be back in the studio" I can't wait, hoping for more workouts like her Reboots. Those are...