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  1. livviesmom

    One Ear Piece Headphone?

    Does anyone know of a good one ear piece headphone? I do not like to use both ear pieces when running.
  2. livviesmom

    Career change - Paralegal

    I am looking at making a career change after working in the management field for 10 years. I have my BS in Business Management but am looking into an AS in Paralegal. Any paralegals or lawyers that could give any advise on pros or cons on this type of degree and career change?
  3. livviesmom

    Skin Tag

    I have two skin tag under my arm that I would love to get rid of. Does anyone have a good at home remedy to remove skin tags?
  4. livviesmom

    Disney Road Trip

    Hi Cathe, will there be anymore picture of the Disney Road Trip posted? I know you had been busy with the LIS..BTW I am loving these new workouts. I have not been able to try Cycle Max yet..waiting for Christmas; Santa is leaving me a new spin bike :D
  5. livviesmom

    Update on Family Meal Tickets

    Is there any update regarding the family meal tickets. Pricing and when do we purchase the tickets? Before the RT or at registration?
  6. livviesmom

    Parental Controls

    I need advice for parental controls for netbook. My DD wants a netbook for Christmas but I am not sure about the parental controls. What kind of parental controls do you have on your computers? Has anyone heard of parental control software PGKEY? Also, which is the best netbook to buy?
  7. livviesmom

    $100 Gift Certificate

    Once your success story or recipe has been chosen to be featured in the weekly newsletter, how long does it take to get the email for the gift certificate? I just want to make sure I did not miss my email; I am so ready for some shopping. :D
  8. livviesmom

    Neo or Ergo Wing Weights

    What is the difference between these two types of ankle weights? I bought a cheap pair of ankle weights from the sporting goods store but I do not like them. They are way to big & bulky; they are hard to get on and are not very comfortable to wear. What type of Cathe ankle weights do...
  9. livviesmom

    Cathlete Tee

    I want to order a Cathlete tee but I am not sure on sizing. Do the shirts run small? I normally wear a size small.