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  1. lainabaina

    Pyramid Trisets

    Yeah! Similar to LIS TB trisets but in pyramid fashion.
  2. lainabaina

    Cardio Core Circuit 2

    i like the 3 cardio exercises, but how about 6 rounds & each core segment use a different piece of equipment so it could be mix & match. one w/ no equipment, one w/ stability ball, one w/ the discs, one with med ball, one with tubing, one with weights. premixes galore!
  3. lainabaina

    Tabatacise - LOVE!

    That's all! Loving this whole series but Disc 9 got me up & at 'em this early AM. Did Bis & Tris at lunchtime & added both 100 RC's...wooHoo! I almost kept up with Cedie but Marlo was really bangin out those bicep curls!
  4. lainabaina

    Whole 30

    i'm going to try this starting on Aug 1. one of my teammates suggested it to me and I just got the book yesterday, It Starts with Food. anyone tried it? fill me in. i already eat 80-85% paleo now, so i think i can do it.
  5. lainabaina

    Mallorca is a cyclist heaven!

    I am posting this for any of you who are cyclists and tend to plan your vacations around cycling like we do. Just returned from a trip to Mallorca (Spain) and had a glorious 6 days in a row of beautiful & scenic riding. We rented road bikes (very nice ones, some even had electric shifting) and...
  6. lainabaina

    if you like a little cardio after your STS...

    try this combo...AT Leg Cardio Express premix after Meso 2 legs. this was nice since the STS workout was a shorter one.
  7. lainabaina

    Dairy Free

    I am pretty much gluten-free, almost sugar free and am looking at eliminating dairy. I think this will be the hardest of the 3, but would like to hear from those of you who have made the change to DF and what your results have been.
  8. lainabaina

    Turbo Slide

    2 words...Turbo Slide. I bet Cathe could come up with a lot of ways to make us hurt good with the Tower & the Slide & Glide discs!
  9. lainabaina

    CTX - Upper Body Split

    does anyone know how long this is? i entered it in the Workout Mgr but it's coming up all zeroes for time, kcals & METS.
  10. lainabaina

    coupon code for calendar

    help...i threw away my invoice from my calendar order (i bought other stuff that shipped already) & i don't remember the coupon code for 20% off. anybody know it?
  11. lainabaina

    Gym Style Chest & Tris

    just wondering if anyone else experiences this or if it's just me & my impinged shoulder. the chest work is super hard for me to get all the reps in after the pushups. I can do all the dropsets of pushups on my toes even, though it gets really tough at the end, but then when you get to the...
  12. lainabaina

    Cyclocross - just did my first race!

    Some of you may be familiar with cyclocross, but I would bet most of you are not. I mtn biked for a few yrs before I ever even heard of it and then my cycling team sponsored a cyclocross race for a few yrs so got to spectate quite a bit. today i did my first cyclocross (CX) race and it was...
  13. lainabaina

    Tougher Mudder

    Has anyone done this? I'm signed up for Feb.
  14. lainabaina

    Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet Stripped

    has anyone done this? i'm thinking after the Holidays. have tried a couple days & I can do it, wasn't bad, but with my wedding, Thanksgiving & Christmas coming up...well, you know. if anyone's tried the full 28 days i would love to hear your thoughts.
  15. lainabaina

    i heart plyo legs!

    that is all
  16. lainabaina

    Cyclists commemmorate 10th anniversary of 9/11

    hi, everyone - just sharing a neat incredible journey from Atlanta to NYC that is going on right now. 12 Georgia firefighters & emergency responders are cycling from ATL to NYC to honor the memory of those we lost in the attacks on 9-11-01. The departed ATL last Friday morning & today...
  17. lainabaina

    Tabata-style or add-on

    not sure true tabata would be best for fitness videos, but maybe a bonus section on a new release that has a tabata-style workout. also would be helpful to show where to fit this type of workout in with the other workouts. i.e., along with a straight weights day or a cardio/weights day, as an...
  18. lainabaina


    is tabata training or tabata-style training in the WM anywhere? i looked but didn't see it. just curious. i can create a cross-training w/o if it's not already there somewhere.
  19. lainabaina

    Reverse Planks

    i kinda forget how i'm lacking in flexibility in my shoulder area until i do a reverse plank. oh, they are so hard for me. anybody else? i feel like i am not all the way up even though i am and i know that i'm hindered because i'm not so flexible in the shoulders. anybody else struggle with...
  20. lainabaina

    Coatsville, PA

    i have to drive to Coatsville on Thurs morning to visit a few customers for work. i have heard it is abt 45 mins from Philly. can anyone confirm? i have heard there is a lot of construction up there, too. if anyone has any info that would be wonderful, thanks!