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    Step workout

    Wow! That’s incredible commitment to your fans! I appreciate your professionalism and dedication to give us what we crave but take care of yourself first.
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    Step workout

    I LOVE Cathe’s step workouts!!
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    For giggles and grins...Missing Cathe

    Once I started reading this.... in my head I started singing it!!! Well done!!
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    February 4, 2021

    Love love love. Excellent workout Cathe! Thank you!
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    Video Clip of Cathe's 333 Live Workout

    This right here!!! It’s workouts like this that make me love Cathe Live! Holy good grief. It was incredible Cathe. Thank you
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    POW3R UP - Total Body Conditioning series

    I think Annie Mairs has the 30 minute point you can stop and cool down/stretch or you can keep going for a 45 minute or 60 minute workout. Love it! It’s all in the chaptering!
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    Dec 17, 2020

    This was amazing Cathe!! We got pounded with snow in New York. I know you got hit too so I wasn’t sure if Live would be a go.....I should’ve known you’d be there! Thanks!!!!
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    Well it just so happens that Cathe just came out with Perfect 30 mobility. It’s really nice and helps you improve range of motion/flexibility. I really enjoy and feel the benefits.
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    Michelle Dozois Peak 10

    I LOVE Peak 10!! Make no mistake, they are challenging but fun too. I love my cardio and Michelle delivers. Her cueing is not as good as Cathe but you can’t really get terribly lost. Just be prepared to move at a brisk pace because she doesn’t mess around. I always feel accomplished and...
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    Our 320th Cathe Live Broadcast

    OH MY GOD!!!! I love this!
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    Cathe's Cardio Boxing Bootcamp Live Workout

    At some point in this workout Cathe asks “Do you like this? Let me know”. That’s a resounding YES!!! I loved this workout. Absolutely perfect!!
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    I think it’s time to see some bloopers on the Perfect 30 workouts. With the world the way it is right now, it would bring some levity and humor to our lives. How cute would it be to see some mistakes? Something simple to show us that we’re all human.
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    For I have sinned!!!!

    I agree! Simply enjoy! Life is too short. Buuuut.....if you must.....Bodymax 2, Afterburn extreme (premix), X77 ( X10 premix).
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    Are you sure it's not something you're ingesting? Drinks, vitamins, supplements etc. I was having issues and went to a chiropractor that also does nutritional counseling. I found out my body doesn't like all!! All the protein bars I was eating had soy. It's worth a try to give you...
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    Greatest Hits Volume 2?

    I asked this question some time ago (probably before Live) and the response was something like.....if you get On-Demand you can make your own Greatest hits. I was not amused.
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    July 16, 2020

    Hell yes!!!!!
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Boot Camp Heavy Weights Live Workout

    Jeez!! When Cathe say “heavy” weights, she’s not messing around. This was awesome!!
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Metabolic 300 Live Workout

    I so love that you had a celebration all by yourself yet managed to share it with us. Thank you Cathe!! I appreciate your commitment to giving us workouts every week and keeping us fit!
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    Upper Body & Cardio Intervals?

    #111- Smokin upper body blast. It has cardio “blasts” here and there. I typically don’t prefer upper body work but this one is fun. I even put it in my favorites.
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    PHA with cardio circuit

    Yes!! Cathes recent PHA workout DVD is excellent .