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  1. deliabroussard

    Cathe, come back to TX!!!

    So as I'm excitedly explaining my weekend roadtrip To Glassboro 2012 to my friends, they too want to work out with Cathe! Please come back to TX soon!!!!
  2. deliabroussard

    Disney pics

    Just curious when the remaining pictures from Disney will be posted.
  3. deliabroussard

    question about tickets

    I purchased one base ticket per day for the road trip without the park hopper option. Will my family need to use their park ticket to enter Epcot for the fireworks? I'd hate for us to visit another park during the day and then get denied entrance to the fireworks show.
  4. deliabroussard

    Sign up time

    Will the Disney sign up be 1:00 pm central time zone?
  5. deliabroussard

    Flicker pictures

    Just wondering when all the Houston pictures would be loaded into flicker?
  6. deliabroussard


    I'm driving in from Louisiana. Is there anyone else doing the same? I'm looking forward to the event, but I'm nervous! :o This is my first Cathe event...and I'm going without my husband, since he has a trip planned for the same weekend. I am absolutely excited and cannot wait to meet other Cathe...