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  1. wendybdh

    Personalized Video From Santa

    I agree. We've done this for my daughter for the past 2-3 years and we love watching her face as she watches it.
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    Last year I was having very slight discomfort on the left side of my lower back while training for a marathon in September. Then, in November, I fell down my stairs at home. The next day I was unable to walk because of excrutiating sciatic pain. My physician ordered an MRI which revealed a...
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    A Petition to Create Caylee's Law for Caylee Anthony

    Signed it! Thanks for posting this.
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    I miss my Dad!

    I agree. It's a difficult day when your dad isn't around anymore. This is my 2nd Father's Day without him and I keep thinking of watching the Father's Day parade from my parents front lawn and how much my dad enjoyed being a dad and grandpa to my little girl and how much would have enjoyed my...
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    scrubbing bubbles

    I take the grill grates off and put them in a garbage bag and spray them with oven cleaner. Close the bag and let it sit overnight. The next day take them out (with rubber gloves) and hose them off with the garden hose. They'll turn out like new.
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    recommendations for hyperpigmentation

    I have the same problem and it definitely gets worse in the summer. I'm anxious to hear what others have to say. Where do you get Retin A?
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    Two Pit Bulls Just Killed My Cat

    That is horrible!! Sending you hugs and hoping they find the dogs and their owners and hold them accountable. So sorry for your loss.
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    Did I really start Running?

    That's great!! Getting started is the hardest part as you've already found out. And just remember how great you feel after a run-that will help motivate you to keep going. Keep up the great work!!
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    I just had a complete meltdown! Help!!

    Thank you all so much. I was really upset about what I had done but it's nice to know I'm not alone when it comes to having a mommy tantrum. Now my problem is that my DD wants to tell EVERYONE about it :)
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    I just had a complete meltdown! Help!!

    Tonight I made my 5yo daughter dinner (mac n cheese) and she just threw a tantrum because she wanted the xtreme mac n cheese instead. Anyway, after arguing with her for about an hour I completely blew up. I started screaming at the top of my lungs and finally I threw the container of mac n...
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    Need BC advice

    I have a Mirena also-I've had it for 18 months. I agree with everything. The only difference is that I still get a period but it only lasts 2 days and is really light. I totally recommend it also.
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    Odd Question-But-Braces for Adults

    Your best bet is to go and get an orthodontic consult. Most orthodontists will do this for free. Also, cost and payment have alot to do with your location. A second factor is how much movement your teeth need to do. Finally, cost will depend on if you go with "invisible" braces (ie...
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    Garage gyms

    We have a 3 car garage and one car "stall" is dedicated to my workout area. I have plenty of space but it's still just a garage. So for those of you with garage workout areas that you share with cars, lawn mowers, etc. what do you do to make it feel like more of a workout room and less of a...
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    4 Day Split was also packaged with 4 workouts (2 DVD's) in one case.
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    Why 2000 cals/day?

    Sorry but I was honestly thinking these girls were eating ACTUAL goldfish! Sad thing is, I just fed some (the cracker kind:)) to my daughter and I still didn't catch on. (It's just one of those days)
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    How fast do you lose Cardio/Muscle?

    I herniated a disc in November and basically laid in bed for 1 month. Then in January I had surgery and couldn't do anything till March. I was really depressed when I started back because I had lost soo much strength and cardio endurance. However, it does come back surprisingly fast. I...
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    Feet going numb on elliptical

    I used to have this problem too about 10 minutes into my cardio sessions. Now I just buy my exercise shoes 1/2 size larger than my regular shoes to account for swelling in my feet that occurs during exercise and it has eliminated the problem for me. Good luck.
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    Today I received a couple of emails from people wanting the Word version of the list. Unfortunately, this is an old post due to updating computers and not backing up my data sufficiently beforehand:( I don't have the list on Word anymore. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    Portable North Pole

    We did it for my 5 year old. It was great last year and even better this year. My DD shows it to every person that comes to our house!
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    Thanksgivind Day Intensity...Who's In?

    Just did it!