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    Insanity Deluxe

    I am awaiting to do Insanity with a friend who got the deluxe package. Does anyone know how you are supposed to incorporate the extra dvds? I just can't wait to find out and I did not see any info on BB website. Thanks, julie
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    Insanity and STS

    Can anyone tell me how they are doing Insanity and STS. I have posted before but did not get any responses. I would like to know what your rotation looks like. Thanks julie
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    Bowflex & STS

    I have access to a Bowflex Motivator and I have been thinking about incorporating into STS. Does anyone have any ideas or reccommendations? Thanks in advance. Julie
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    What am I doing wrong?

    Cathe, Help! I have been doing the 6 month rotaion of STS and I am currently in M3, W2. I eat very clean for the most part and occaisional cheat here and there. I am not achieving nearly the results that other women are posting. In fact I ran into a friend who I have not seenin a while...
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    Carb Rotating/Cycling

    Does anyone out there know anything about carb cycling? I am looking to try this and would appreciate any advice/recommendations. Thanks julie
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    What are the best carbs after a workout?

    After my workout (sts) I have a smoothie with fruit and protein powder and oatmeal. I just read an article in muscle and fitness that said these carbs should be avoided post workout. Does anyone know what the deal is with this? I am finding it confusing. Thanks
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    Building vs Toning Muscle

    What is the difference between building muscle and toning muscle?
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    I have PFO. Does anyone out there know if this would have any affect on my heart rate during cardio? I currently do cardio on my elipse at a speed of 2.0 mph. My heart rate climbs to 150 bpm within the first 10 minutes and fluctuates between 150 and 160 for the remaining 50 minutes. Any...
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    Incline Chest Flys

    On disc 13 on the first set of incline chest flys Cathe makes a point to note your arm position and tell you to maintain the arc in the arm as you complete the fly. However, later on in the disc the incline chest flys look more like the arms do not maintain the arc. Has anyone else noticed...
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    6 Monthers, STS

    I have not done a thing during this week off. I am looking forward to getting back to sts tomorrow!! I am pumped finally ( i think) to do this thing. I am watching STBX eating his waffles and I just can't stand it anymore. When is he going to leave???????????? It is so hard to stay...
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    Body Fat Scale

    I saw a Tanita body fat scale last night at Target and it calculates water% ALSO. I currently have a body fat only and even though I know these things are not accurate I am tempted to get the latest and greatest. Does anyone have one of these?
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    STS REsults??

    So i have just finished M! on a 6 month rotation, and I really don't have any significant results thus far. My arms are definetly more toned and I have lost 1 pound but that's it! I wasn't doing anything before sts so I was expecting more significant results. I would love to hear what...
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    Squat rack

    I am trying to remember a post I saw a while ago regarding a squat rack/pwer tower. A few people had posted links or pictures of what they had bought. The one I am trying to find sold fo roughly 300 dollars. Can anyone help me locate it. I have tried but just can't find it. Thanks in...
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    Recovery Week

    I feel sill even asking this question because I know it has been asked and answered only a gozillion times... but here it is. During recovery week I am planning on doing cardio and the power 90x stretch X everyday. I have also thought about doing abs. I would love to get some feedback on...
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    6 Monthers, Friday April 3rd

    Good Morning! I am not sure if its okay if I start the thread? If not, appologies to the ussual starter. I love BFFM. I have the ebook. I love it because you can print it and take it with you or read it on the screen. I printed it and three whole punch it and put it in a binder with my...
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    Slow and Heavy

    I can not seem to find this dvd anywhere? Does it have a different name?
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    Calories Burned

    The calories burned does not increase after i check that I have completed a workout. however this must have worked at some point because it says i have burned 2990 calories.
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    Updating ORM

    How can we update our ORM without going through each one. Can we put our current weight in and have the program calculate the ORM? Or do we have to go through each one. I have updated my weights used through the calander portion where you can edit your workout but that info does not transfer...
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    Weighted Gloves

    When will the new 2lb weighted gloves be available?
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    Workpout Manager

    When I check off that a workout was completed the calories burned for the year does not increase. The number of workouts done goes up but the calories burned does not. Help!