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  1. bitmover

    Packing Question

    Ok, this might be stupid, but..... for the "party" Saturday night that is poolside, do you think the hotel will have heat lamps out there? I'm trying to minimize what I pack for the flight, but I don't want to freeze, either......
  2. bitmover

    ? for Daytona Road Trippers

    Hey, a couple of questions actually..... I know Cathe likes to keep some surprises, so without giving away anything she might want "secret", can you give those of us going to the San Diego RT a hint on which workouts we ought to be doing in the next few weeks so we have steps and/or stamina...
  3. bitmover

    sound cutting out?

    Has anyone else had trouble with the sound cutting out on the STS discs? I'm going through my second round -- I don't recall having problems the first time around -- and now with more than one disc, more than one tv, and more than one dvd player, I've had issues. They seem to correct if I...
  4. bitmover

    funny husband comment re: Cathe

    Posting in Ask Cathe because I'm hoping Cathe will see this..... yesterday we were furniture shopping and at some point I reunited with hubby from somewhere across the large store, and he was in the middle of a conversation with another couple. He has a way of getting info out of people that...
  5. bitmover

    hemming capris?

    Cathe always looks great in capris, and I never do. As I was just trying on a pair (that I bought without trying), I wondered if maybe they are just too long and I need to make them shorter. Do any of you shorter people do that? I wonder if Cathe has to have them altered..... (I would...
  6. bitmover off-line?

    I haven't been able to get to in days.... is anyone else having trouble? I need my fix!
  7. bitmover

    need a happy cry?

    Watch this.... A man is dog's best friend! But, it's the last one that'll really get you!
  8. bitmover

    Ticket to Ride game

    Hey, can anyone give me a quick lesson on how to play the Ticket to Ride board game? We recently acquired it, and we are stuck at the house indefinitely with a forest fire near us. We don't have to evacuate yet, but.... well, we're stuck here, need something to do but I don't have my wits...
  9. bitmover

    October 09 Check in Thursday 1st******

    Wow! It's October! and it's Thursday, so Kathy's sharing the computer. ;) Hope we don't have double threads. Quickie this morning -- it's later than I thought! Lots to do! I did disc 2 -- back and triceps -- I went waaaaaayyyy lighter on the triceps than the first time around...
  10. bitmover

    Two day split -- crazy?!

    I have just started my second round of STS and I really like the program, but I do miss my total body workouts. It occurred to me that maybe I could shorten both upper body days slightly and do them on the same day -- one long workout! -- and then I could have a day to do a total body...
  11. bitmover

    September 09 Check in Thursday 24th******

    Good morning! I cannot believe I'm really the first one here to start the thread -- have I double-posted? Kathy, are you ok?! :) Chris, how are you and Zach feeling this morning? Your man to push the vacuum comment was so funny! Hottie, did you decide which one to get? My boys are...
  12. bitmover

    STS done one body part a day

    Cathe, there have been a couple of threads on doing STS as one body part a day, and I'd be really curious about your opinion on this. I know a lot of thought went into designing the program and amount of rest time. I'm about to start my second round and just wondering about the possibility...
  13. bitmover

    August 09 Check In ***Thursday 20th***

    Hey everyone! Hope I don't start a double thread now that the forums are up. Chris, so glad to hear things must have gone smoothly in the night -- honestly, were you able to get any sleep? Ug! Did you have fun with the visit last night? Hottie, did you see my later post last...
  14. bitmover

    ~*~*AUG 09~*~* CHECK-IN for the 17th~*~*~*~

    Hey, I cannot believe I'm starting us off! Hopefully we won't have a double start. I am done with cc #3 (love that one!!) and then I did the thigh and seat work from the P57 Express workout. It was maybe 15 minutes of work, max, and man it was tough!! I think I may sub in that type...
  15. bitmover


    I used to work for a company called MIPS and then they were acquired by Silicon Graphics. This was in the days before the internet, so we had usenet newsgroups. One internal group was mips.bizarre and then sgi.bizarre, and people just posted random, bizarre things there. Well, here's...
  16. bitmover

    Cathe on Dr. Fitness & the Fat Guy show???

    Cathe, I have recently discovered a podcast called Dr. Fitness & the Fat Guy. It's kind of like Car Talk for fitness, except that instead of fielding questions, they interview actual professionals. I do not think I have seen you in their line up ever, so I wrote to them and told them they...
  17. bitmover

    Click espresso protein drink?

    Chalene's most recent blog entry is plugging Click - an espresso protein drink. Has anyone tried it? -Beth
  18. bitmover

    IMAX Friday?

    Is anyone doing IMAX Friday tomorrow, or is everyone on an STS routine? Theoretically I should have a rest day tomorrow, but I like the IMAX Friday thing. -Beth
  19. bitmover

    How our little ones' minds think......

    Thought Cathe might be amused by this (if she has time to see it)..... my first grader's PE teacher does dance with them for part of the year, and he's learned the grapevine, among other things. When I was doing IMAX 2 this morning he said to me, "How come Cathe stole the grapevine from Ms...
  20. bitmover

    9 year old/pull-up bar

    Ok, for Christmas my son got the Iron Gym pull-up bar -- he didn't ask for much, but that was on his list so I had my mom get it for him. He's going crazy with doing pull-ups and chin-ups. Every time he walks by the thing (many times a day), he does as many as he can do. I'm a little...