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  1. Jane Power-Grimm

    STS 2.0 Update

    Thanks Debinmi! How fun was that! Don't know how I missed that video all these years. Thanks for finding and sharing it.
  2. Jane Power-Grimm

    Not a Question, Just Thanks

    Thank you AVeyRa. You have said it all! Totally agree with everything you have elequently stated in your post. Cathe=excellence! Cathe is a great role model, not only for a fit and healthy lifestyle using sound, science backed tecniques, but also for reaching for your dreams, compassionate...
  3. Jane Power-Grimm

    Best shoulder workout.

    Wow Debinmi you are amazing! Great research on this. This really motivates me to get some of these out. Slow and Heavy certainly is a strong contender for top choice. What is your goal - strength, hypertrophy, endurance? I am thinking that may help determine which rep range you want to work in...
  4. Jane Power-Grimm

    Best shoulder workout.

    Good question...I have found that XTrain is quite good for this area. Lots of options between the extra delt workout, the kickboxing, the 100 rep challenge (scarecrows), the burn sets and more. I also like the drop sets Cathe does in STS. Interested in what other Cathletes have found works...
  5. Jane Power-Grimm

    STS equipment

    OMG!! That is brilliant! Thank you so much Gobias! I totally get this and will do this in the future. That tip alone makes me want to do STS starting today!:D Awesome, thanks.
  6. Jane Power-Grimm

    STS equipment

    Hi DebB1. I agree with Braille. The Turbo Tower and then the Fit Tower are the products Cathe has sold/used in the past but are hard to come by now. If you can't find a used one, any squat rack would work. In fact, a standard squat rack may be preferable. The Fit Tower is great for chest...
  7. Jane Power-Grimm

    Benefits of 3.5 month vs 6.5 month rotation?

    My personal opinion would be to do week 4 of Meso 1 two times. That is, do week 4 during May 1-7 instead of taking a week of active recovery. THEN, use the week you are away (May 7-14) as your active recovery week. Once back from your time out of town start Meso 2. I think two weeks between...
  8. Jane Power-Grimm

    Intensity workout

    I love, love, love the XTrain rotation you are doing. :) Great idea to use Intensity with it when you want to mix things up. That is a workout I go to a lot as it has so much variety it never gets stale. Thanks to you too, Debinmi. Great switch-it-out ideas. This idea of switching some...
  9. Jane Power-Grimm

    Know your anatomy for squatting

    Wow! Excellent videos. Very informative. Thanks for posting.
  10. Jane Power-Grimm

    Cathe newsletter

    I typically don't read the newsletter any more because there are so many ads. Instead I read the new blog articles directly on the website each Monday.
  11. Jane Power-Grimm

    Video Clip Of Cathe's Wicked Lower Body and Core Live Workout

    There is truly no end to Cathe's creativity.
  12. Jane Power-Grimm

    Workouts to help with menopausal symptoms.

    I am now 12 year post-menopausal but menopause was wicked for me. The years between the ages of 43 and 51 were SUPER TOUGH. :(:( I too tried many different things to deal with the sleep challenges and other symptoms. Getting enough sleep and more consecutive hours of sleep was my main concern...
  13. Jane Power-Grimm

    February 2022 Rotation

    LOVE this one! Perfect blend of hiit, kickbox, step, upper body, lower body, total body - this has it all! A tough results-driven month that keeps the intensity UP!
  14. Jane Power-Grimm

    Slow and Heavy Series still being used?

    What is the PS series?
  15. Jane Power-Grimm

    Slow and Heavy Series still being used?

    What a great idea, Debinmi! I think Slow & Heavy would be a super way to prepare for STS 2.0!It is a great series to have because it is very unique and so provides a great complement to the other serious weight training workouts you may have in your Cathe collection. Nothing else quite like it...
  16. Jane Power-Grimm

    Starting STS

    There is one in the Workout Manager under Popular Rotations (4th one down) entitled: 31/2 Month STS + Newer Cardio. I put this together in 2017 so it is more recent than the one Cathe posted in '09. Here is what is in the general description: This rotation gives you all 36 STS workouts in...
  17. Jane Power-Grimm

    daily strength flucuations and STS

    This is an excellent question, JuliaV. I have also found this to be the case for some exercises. Personally, I lowered my weight and did the same number of reps as the program recommends. It was still challenging! I recorded that weight and then went from there the following weeks when...
  18. Jane Power-Grimm

    Cathe Live List

    Thank you Hazlady!! Awesome resource.
  19. Jane Power-Grimm

    today's Christmas workout

    Yes, very fun! I too loved the new moves and the variety this workout gave. Cathe's creativity doesn't take a holiday!