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  1. AYLE09

    Who's Counting Down?!!

    So maybe it's just me (okay i'm sure it isn't!) , but between the excitement of the Ripped with HiiT updates and the fact that the roadtrip is only a little over a week away i'm practically bubbling over with anxious energy!! Who else is READY with a capital CATHE? :D
  2. AYLE09

    Cathe Live Streaming- question for SNM

    Hi SNM, I understand the DVD streaming portion and signed up for onDemand. The DVDs have been streaming beautifully and i'm loving the ability to take the entire Cathe library with me EVERYWHERE! :D As far as the Cathe Live is concerned, where will we go to link into this streaming? Is...
  3. AYLE09

    Missing tote bag

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all settling back in after roadtripping :) I'm looking for some items that went missing during the trip. Amongst them was a black canvas tote bag with black straps that says "Cathletes Rock Disney 2011". It was last seen in the lobby of residence inn. Any more sightings...
  4. AYLE09

    It's JULY!!

    Just look at that---you blink for a brief second and it's roadtrip month already!! How is everyone? How are you feeling? What are your goals for the month? It's time to REALLY get this RT party started!! :cool:
  5. AYLE09

    Any cure for XTrain fever?

    Cuz i've got it bad! lol.... :p Hi Cathe, Just popping in to tell you that I think Xtrain is brilliant! The workouts are fresh, fun and just what I needed to kickstart my motivation for the new year!
  6. AYLE09

    20's??? OH MY!!

    Now we're just talkin' crazy! 28 days and 2 new videos! Someone pinch me! :p Countdown to Jul 27, 2012 3:40 PM in Boston
  7. AYLE09

    Still Counting Down! 40's!!

    My oh My... 45 days... this is just getting crazy :eek: Countdown to Jul 27, 2012 3:40 PM in Boston
  8. AYLE09

    Countdown Link... did someone say 50's?!

    Officially in the 50's here! Let's see.. what discussion shall we start now that 10 more days have been successfully crossed off the countdown calendar? Hmm, let's talk shopping! Who's already done some? Who already has something special tucked away for the trip? SPILL! :p Countdown to...
  9. AYLE09

    Countdown Link...welcome to the 60's friends!!

    Yes Cathletes... we are now at 69 days and counting! So tell me... what are you looking forward to THE MOST?!! Countdown to Jul 27, 2012 3:40 PM in Boston
  10. AYLE09

    Countdown link... in the 70's now!

    Hi everyone, Moving the countdown link up! 79 days to go!! Countdown to Jul 27, 2012 3:40 PM in Boston
  11. AYLE09

    Countdown link...

    Just in case we want to count down in seconds! :p Let's keep this thing going for the next 94 days! DEAL? I'll keep moving the link to new threads each week so that it doesn't get away from us. Share you thoughts, goals, excitement, nerves... "We're in this together!" Countdown to...
  12. AYLE09

    99 days!

    YES my friends, I am already counting down! lol!
  13. AYLE09

    Thank You Cathe....

    Cathe? Yoohoo... Caaaaaatheeeeeee..... :D I just finished looking through the RT flicker photos! The Chicago RT was a total shazam RIOT and then some! I say this with a happy heart, a goofy grin and sore, well, EVERYTHING! Cathe, you totally brought your A+ game girlfriend! You...
  14. AYLE09

    Checking in from RT!

    Hi Cathletes, just popping in to let you know that things are heating up at Lake Geneva! Registration is about to begin! Let's DO THIS! Yahoooooo!
  15. AYLE09

    Shall we start the countdown?

    28 days people!!! :D party arms!!! Countdown to Apr 13, 2012 in Chicago
  16. AYLE09

    Thanksgiving Poem for Cathe 2011

    Turkey time is here again You’re planning out your feast. But at three thousand calories That meal can be a BEAST! Miss Cathe gave us healthy tips To keep thanksgiving lean And we shall heed her good advice Although it may seem MEAN! Dear Cathe I shall eat no crust Upon my apple...
  17. AYLE09

    Happy Birthday Rockstar!

    It's your birthday Cathe! I'm popping in to say, That all the Cathletes in the world Wish you a special day! Hugs, Jenn
  18. AYLE09

    Glassboro RT - FINAL COUNTDOWN!

    Okay my crazy Glassboro minded friends... our other countdown is over crowded! :p 14 pages!! Lets start here with our FINAL countdown- starting now....11 days!!!!! Countdown to Jul 29, 2011 3:45 PM in Newark
  19. AYLE09

    Disney moments

    Hi Cathlete buddies... I'm sitting outside at the resort enjoying the orlando sun and sipping my coffee. The Roadtrip has ended and everyone has gone off in their own direction. I wanted to take a couple minutes to mention a few of my favorite moments... memories that I will surely have for a...
  20. AYLE09

    Disney Reflections

    Hi Cathletes, I'm opening up this thread for all of the Disney Roadtrippers to share their thoughts and excitement about what's going on here in Orlando! I also open it to all of you to ask anything you want to know about the trip! :) Let's start with one of our newest workout friends... The...