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  1. dmerz

    Double Step Workouts

    I love Step workouts! I love Cathe and Amy Bento and just about anyone I can get my hands on but now I have a new love- Double Step Workouts!! Giana Storey has been sharing double step workouts on youtube and for all you step cardio junkies out there I thought I would share!!!
  2. dmerz

    Move to sub for power box in step sync finished combos?

    I love step sync and think that I will frequently use the finished combos 2 or 3 times premixes. Does anyone know of an alternative move to use between the combos instead of the power box? Something that would provide the same brain break but mix up the move a bit?
  3. dmerz

    Nate needs to be in the next DVD series!!

    His appearance in Love me some kickbox cardio Live is just stellar! His energy and focus on each move would be fabulous in a DVD series!!
  4. dmerz

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for November 2019

    Getting us started for November since I don't see the new month yet! I did ICE rockem sockem this morning. I used my gloves for all the combos and used the heavy bag for as much as possible. So much fun!
  5. dmerz

    Affordable online storage for downloads?

    I'm trying to investigate an affordable method of storing my video downloads.... legally! I currently have all my downloads on my google drive and pay $1.99 per month for 100GB of storage. However, I'm outgrowing that as an option. Upgrading through google to the next level seems pricey...
  6. dmerz

    Tax Deduction for DVDs? Cross Your fingers!

    I saw this bit this AM as I guess this is in a draft of the legislation that the new Congress is working on. "and exercise costs would be eligible as expenses for pre-tax programs used for medical costs such as flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, medical savings accounts and...
  7. dmerz

    Does Roku Streaming Stick work with Cathe OnDemand?

    I tried to search the forum but does anyone know if Roku Streaming Stick will play Cathe OnDemand? I have a Roku 2 which does not so wondering if the Stick will before I purchase. Thanks!
  8. dmerz

    Unapologetically Powerful Reviews?

    Just wondering if anyone who purchased JVB's program last fall has done it yet and what their thoughts or results were or are. Even if you are in the middle of it. Thoughts?
  9. dmerz

    osgood schlatter in children?

    My son (12) has been limping around (like an 80 yo man) the past few weeks. An orthopedic surgeon friend of ours thinks he has osgood schlatter in both legs. (Fancy name for growing pains) Has anyone gone through this with their children? What exercises, stretches, home remedies worked...
  10. dmerz

    Binge Reading: New Rules of Lifting

    This weekend I binge read three of the books in the New Rules of Lifting "series" ending with "Strong" the latest release by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove. The programs in "Supercharged" and "Strong" look really good. (Actually Supercharged lays out a template and you build your own program!)...
  11. dmerz

    Girls Gone Strong- Modern Women's Guide to Strength Training on sale

    Bad timing for me (I will not be purchasing) but I know some other ladies here were eyeing their program so I thought I'd share that their program is on sale until Sept 4th.
  12. dmerz

    Girls Gone Strong- Guide to Strength Training on sale

    Sorry- I tried to edit and it posted twice. Someone help me out... how to delete the extra one?
  13. dmerz

    Phone apps for tracking workouts?

    What apps are out there for tracking workouts? I've looked at a few but I'd rather not add in all the detail in terms of sets/reps/ time for each workout.... I'm thinking just a workout title, time, and a place to add notes or comments. I'd like the ability to schedule workouts in advance...
  14. dmerz

    Getting results.... wish I knew from what!!

    So I've had no less than 5 people comment over the summer how great my arms look! So I think I should keep up what I've been doing..... if only I knew what! In the past few months I've not stuck to a single monthly rotation or program but have been doing "whatever I feel like"! I've...
  15. dmerz

    Ustream channel

    Maybe I'm missing something. I just signed up for Cathe onDemand. But I can't find the channel on my Ustream app . Am I missing something?? Sorry if this has been covered already. I looked through the forum and couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  16. dmerz

    Double Step Routines?

    Hi! I recently saw some short segments where step classes were taught on two step platforms! I would love to give this a try. Anybody have any good recommendations for step videos using double platforms? Or maybe not videos but on-line or streaming classes that do double step? Thanks!
  17. dmerz

    DVDs similar to Daily Burn Inferno?

    Hi! I signed up for the free 30 day Daily Burn trial and loved the workouts in the inferno program. But I prefer DVDs to own instead of a streaming subscription. Does anyone know what DVDs (Cathe or otherwise) that are similar to these style of workouts? Thanks!
  18. dmerz

    Road Trip workouts on Cathe live?

    Will the road trip's workouts be available on Cathe live this year?
  19. dmerz

    Download Chapters on Android?

    Does anyone know if there is a video player app for Android that will allow selection of the chapters similar to how Cathe's downloaded videos play on my Ipod (where I can select chapter points from a drop down menu?) Thanks!
  20. dmerz

    Next Greatest Hits Suggestion

    I would vote for a Greatest Hits Kickboxing DVD! I'm thinking the combos from KPC, Kick Max, Hard Strikes, ROKO with no breakdown and all the heavy bag bonuses. Also thinking it would be great to have some favs like Afterburn, Supercuts, Flextrain etc with no explaination. Assuming we...