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  1. jtlane25


    Any Chance you would be interested in a Step/Kickboxing Crossover Infusion workout??? A NEW edge???
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    Good Morning Cathe and SNM! I have a quick question about the audition. I was under the impression that an audition form was due to be emailed to all road trippers to pre fill out, prior to the audition. I just want to make sure I have not missed it in my inbox or that it hasn't been...
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    EB Tour Back to Texas????

    HEY Cathe and SNM! Just wondering if you planned on returning to Texas anytime soon? I know we were a REALLY Big RT! WOULD Love to see you head down here again!!!!! Tanya
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    Intensity 2, 3, 4....

    Oooh MY keep 'em comin!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Intensity workout!!!!
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    Hyperactive Dogs Ruin the News---Hilarious!

    All you dog lovers out there will appreciate this as much as I do! This was soo funny. I can't stop laughing at it! Enjoy!
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    Any Dental Assistants out there that can give advice???

    I am on a path looking into the dental assistant training programs. My ultimate goal is to head into dental hygiene. But, after being out of school for 17+ years...I have a lot of pre-requisites necessary BEFORE I could head toward hygiene school. If you are assisting in the dental...
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    Travel muscle challenge resistance/band calestetics DVD

    Going on vacation a few years in a row...the one thing that I find to be a challenge is to stay on my typical routine is weight resistance routine. I know that you have a lot of great routines with the band...but to compile them onto a workout geared towards the traveler...would make myself and...
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    The variation to the Pull up Tower door Bands??

    I was looking for the door bands that were shown on the first segment of Cathe TV. Are those available yet or are they still in the process of production and sales? Thanks a ton!
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    Cathe Calendar?

    Who's ordering?? I have never owned one...just wondering how it works and does it benefit you by using it??? I mean, I know how to use a typical calendar...but not sure how to use the Cathe Calendar for workouts etc....?
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    Can you change you username....

    ....without losing your posting status? Just curious.... I would like to change mine seeing as how it has reflected my former last name in there from my previous marriage for a bit too long! Sigh....
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    I have Electricity....I HAVE POWER!!! the nasty hurricane "Ike" plowed through Houston....damaged all kinds of things....and there are so many people still surviving without power. I lost my power about a week after the storm. But, because of the loss....I was low priority to they told me yesterday that I...
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    What color is your workout room/area??

    I am looking to paint my workout room. It is a room designated for my workouts only. The funny thing is it is my "formal" dining room so it's the first thing you see when you walk through the front door. But I wanna make it Mine! I wanna do funky bright and motivating colors. I have been...
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    Ponytail holders made of.....GROSS!!! EWWW!!!!!
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    I had lunch with Meowracer aka Shana Banana!

    And what a great lunch it was. It was very nice to meet a fellow Catheite in the same town as me! We had terrific food as well as great conversation! We just talked and talked...hitting every subject you can imagine! Shana my love! I enjoyed meeting you so much that I wanted the forums...
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    Road Trip--> Class Boot Camp Class??

    Hi Cathe! I was sitting here going through all the drills that we did during the boot camp class on the Road Trip in August! ((Which I LOVED)) I wrote down all the stations that we had gone through and all the drills. My hopes are to duplicate the routine at home. However, I do NOT remember...
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    August---RT Check IN Wednesday!!!

    Alright ladies. It's early in the morning. I'm sitting here with butterflies in my tum tum thinking about the trip. I leave tomorrow morning....I'm so excited! This is my very first RT so I am new at this. But, I am sooo excited to be surrounded by such an awesome and fun loving crowd...
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    So many Topics--> what is each club about?

    I see so many check in clubs on this forum...but I have NO clue which one each is about to see which one would best suit me. Please help me understand...where I should be going. Tanya in Texas!
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    August: Anyone coming in Thursday 5:ish??

    Do ya wanna meet up and share the Rover??? Tanya in Texas!
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    Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated? HELP!

    Okay, I don't want to sound like a ninnie. Let me introduce myself. "Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm a cardio addict!" Here's the deal. I have been a cardio fanatic for 9 years now. Since meeting Cathe (ON TV) I have done full body weight routine (Muscle Max, Pour Hour, and Muscle...
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    Hair dye at Home Kits HELP!? is the deal. I have been dying my hair for about 3 years with a Garnier home box kit. I love the color and all. But, after about 2 weeks I notice some split ends on the ends and along the shaft of my hair strands. I don't know if that particular kit is too strong for my hair or...