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  1. lightening16

    Workout Warriors Sept... and Back into It!

    Thought I would get us started on a Sept thread!! I feel like I have so much to catch up on. I took the last two days off... one was a beach day , so much fun and then yesterday I had to work. The audit was 2.5 hours away so I had to get up super early and when I was about half way there I...
  2. lightening16

    Workout Warriors August Moves

    Hey Warriors Today has been a bit crazy. We went to the Science Centre yesterday and it ended up being a very early morning so no workout...But we did have a good time! This morning was medium day but unfoutunatly a little person must have been over stimulated from his day of science that he...
  3. lightening16

    Workout Warriors Summer Dazed!

    Hey Everyone This morning feels like it should be Sunday... We were so busy all weekend that it didn't feel like a weekend. This morning was my light day for RoP and it is working outside day so I need to conserve some energy!!! WU: usual WO: Clean and Multiple presses 5 x 3 assisted...
  4. lightening16

    Workout Warriors July5-11 In the Heat Wave!

    Hey Everyone Hope you all survived Independance day!!! We ended up having people over yesterday as well and my butt was so sore from the walking lunges that I didn't do anything but stay in the pool. Today I have tonnes of yardwork to do and I started ROP!!! The kettlebell Rite of Passage...
  5. lightening16

    Workout Warrior Women June 7

    Hey Guys Todays workout might have been a little much but hey! It was nice and cool this morning and a King bird was throwing itself at our window because it could see it's reflection and was being territorial...or suicidal! So I ended up awake early. So I: Run: 6km 30 min. WO: 12 min 16kg...
  6. lightening16

    Workout Warrior Women, Stronger, Faster and Healing!

    Hey Everyone Still waiting on a break in the heat... I am a little afraid as today there are supposed to be thunderstorms and a temp drop... that can mean tornados. I will be on the watch! Got my run in this morning and I was a little slow, but that's okay it was already 68 and it was 6...
  7. lightening16

    Workout Warriors Wounded and Otherwise May 17 to 23

    Happy Monday Everyone This morning was a shorter workout as I had to go to work this morning at a site, but half way there they cancelled and now I am going to have to go tomorrow. I did Lauren Brooks Vol. 1 and used my 16kg bell for the two handed swings and it really upped the cardio...
  8. lightening16

    Workout Warriors Wounded and Otherwise May 10 to 17

    Hey Everyone I just wanted to get us started! I didn't make the cut but I had a great workout and a great time. My muscles are pretty sore today so I think that I am going to just do a run and then something short! Hope everyone is well and I will get back to you later with my details...
  9. lightening16

    Workout Warriors Unite May 3 to May 9

    Hey Warriors So this morning I went to go for my run but then realized that my DH was supposed to be awake and went back to wake him up. SO then I went downstairs and did a kettlebell interval workout followed by a short Tabata workout. I was really sweating and everything was much harder...
  10. lightening16

    Workout Warriors Unite April 19 to 23

    Hey Everyone I hope that you had a great weekend! We had a really good time at Great Wolf Lodge. The kids loved it and it was non-stop action the whole time. It was a 4 hour drive but it was worth it. I would say that it was still a big calorie burner with all the climbing and running...
  11. lightening16

    Undulating Warriors March 1-7

    Hey Warriors I can't believe I am the first one here today... actually I can't believe that it's Monday, the first of March or that it's already 11:00 here. This morning I did Meso 1 disc 7. OUCH will be the word of the day! I killed each part - or shall I say Cathe killed each. My...
  12. lightening16

    Should I ask for Go Wear Fit or Body Bugg for Christmas???

    Hey Everyone I just noticed that I can actually get a go wear fit now in Canada. (You couldn't get them before for whatever reason). So I was going to give my DH a big hint for Christmas and I don't know which to tell him. I have read alot of reviews and everyone says something...
  13. lightening16

    Nutrition Software Question

    Hi I have been thinking that I need to track calories and see what I am really eating. I really like the idea of following the vitamin scoring system that you guys have set up. My issue is that being a celiac I end up making almost everything that I eat. When I tried using other online...
  14. lightening16

    So.... Do you recommend High Step Training for my Cathe Collection?

    Hi Everyone I am slowly adding to my Cathe collection and wondering if this one is worth adding? I have the High Step Challenge but this one looks different again... some really challenging looking combinations. So what are your recommendations? Thanks Heather
  15. lightening16

    Let's Do This Again STSept-Dec! *Sept 27-Oct 4*

    Hey Everyone I hope everyone is having a good weekend! We took the kids to see Couldy with a chance of Meatballs last night. The movie was great but it cost 50 to get in and then 14 for popcorn and then we had to sit through 20 minutes of commercials after the movie was supposed to start...
  16. lightening16

    Let's Do This Again STSept-Dec!

    Hey Everyone I made it through Disc 2 yesterday and it went really well... well sort of. I didn't manage any complete pull-ups or chin-ups but I did try and do them by myself when I was lowering down. The tricep weights were a little light and I was able to up it 3lbs for each weight! So...
  17. lightening16

    Looking for a High Step in Canada

    Hey Cathe or SNM or anyone really I have a regular step and have been using a milk crate to do any thing that uses a high step for my other workouts. But after looking at the pic's for STS Cardio it seems that my milk crate will not be working for wide stance jumps. I have looked into...
  18. lightening16

    Would you Buy Circuit Max/ Cardio Kicks?

    I am still expanding my Cathe video library and I am wondering if I should splurge on Circuit Max seeing as it is on sale this week. I has never really been on the list but I am finding that I really enjoy all the videos so far. What are your thoughts? Heather
  19. lightening16

    Kick Max is a Burner!

    Hey I just got KickMax and I was a little leary as there were some not so great reviews of it. I did it this morning for the second time and really got into it and really loved it. I was drenched and then the drills at the end totally killed me. I have to say next time I will wear long...
  20. lightening16

    Just have to say I loved Butts and Guts!

    I am a new Cathe convert and I just finished STS and today was my first weight day with some of Cathe's other weight DVD's. I loved Butts and Guts. It totally kicked my BUTT and I am not looking forward to trying to sit down tomorrow but I loved it. I can't wait to get stronger at it. I...