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  1. bonjonbart

    Article on Working Out: Just do it

    I loved this article. I've been working out at home for 17 years, wearing old T shirts and $3 knit shorts.
  2. bonjonbart


    Hi everyone, Do any of you (post menopausal) have any experience with Raloxifene? My endocrinologist is suggesting it for me. I am 55, post menopause - one year, have had two bone mass density tests in the past 5 years. Both showed osteoporosis, especially prevalent in my spine. I am a healthy...
  3. bonjonbart

    Pound Workout

    Has anyone tried a Pound class? It sounds as though it could be a lot of fun. Working out while banging drumsticks to music.
  4. bonjonbart

    Active Wear Fun Parody

    Have you seen this parody on the current "athleisure" look trend - where people are wearing workout gear everywhere? It gave me a giggle. -
  5. bonjonbart

    Friday morning funny

    Did you ever have one of these days?
  6. bonjonbart

    Super Cuts - Truly Functional

    DH was in and out of the room while I did Super Cuts yesterday. His comment before he left the room (as I was doing the Functional Core Rotation with the Resistance Tube) was, "Oh, good! Cathe's getting you in shape to start the snowblower!" :eek: Well, dang! Yes, she was....