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  1. pinkquinn

    Cathe fans with Tracy Anderson Meta experience

    For starters: I don't know how to get the angry face off my title, and I don't know how it got there I'm looking for any Cathe fans that can give me feed back on Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis. I understand that she does not cue and might annoy me to death, but beyond all that is there...
  2. pinkquinn

    two questions

    I am currently pregnant and doing the 6 month rotation of sts ( this is my second time). By the time the baby comes I will be starting meso 3. I may start over again from meso 1 post delivery, I will have to see how I feel. I would like to incorporate Tracy Anderson's post pregnancy workout...
  3. pinkquinn

    P90X Results Advice etc etc...

    Hello I am getting ready to start p90x TOMORROW!:eek: I finished STS Insanity and now am totally addicted to these video rotations I went to the gym with dh and was surprised how hard my video workouts were compared to what I saw at the gym...and I am getting results, but I digress...
  4. pinkquinn

    start the insanity saturday

    .......or not. I'm not feeling that insane today I was up with my oldest last night. She had the stomach flu:( poor thing. so I will try to do plyo circut but I should probably sleep instead so I dont get it.
  5. pinkquinn

    Start the INSANITY friday

    Hello got my computer back and am ready to go! I got a cold last week and did not work out friday:(-My daughters bday was yesterday and did not workout yesterday either:( that I'm finished with my confession I can move on:p The good news is I did the calorie caluculation from the...
  6. pinkquinn

    start the insanity thursday!

    OKKKKKKKay. Reporting back for duty. I guess I like getting my butt kicked:p I asked my husband today if he thought that the daily butt whoopn's were worth it, as I have not seen a big move in the scale. He said he could see changes. whew! I hate when I work this hard with no results. So that...
  7. pinkquinn

    start the insanity wednesday

    okay messed up my rotation unknowingly, I should do Plyo Cardio Circut today:eek: I hate/love this one. Its where the results are right?! Last night at costco I had a snack....the turkey wrap (healthy right?:rolleyes:) Check the internet for the nutritional content....810...
  8. pinkquinn


    Hi Ladies I have recently started insanity and I denfinately need to check in on this one.:eek: Is it me or is this really tough?! I am on week three (PC today) and am still putting it off. Please join me in this excrutiating yet enjoyable rotation. I really don't want to quit on this...
  9. pinkquinn

    insanity question

    Hi I got insanity and was looking at the calender rotation and noticed that some days there is "cardio circut" listed, and some days there is "plyometric cardio circut" listed. I see that indeed I recieved a "plyo cardio circut" dvd, but I didn't receive a plain old "cardio circut" dvd...
  10. pinkquinn

    2 questions

    I need a recovery drink....the BEST one. I am working sssssoooo friggn' hard I need help recovering. What types of protien do you all recommend and what type of recovery drink do you recommend. I watched the shakology video and it looks pretty good as meal replacement-or is that just hype...
  11. pinkquinn

    how did you mix sts and insanity

    Just got my insanity in the mail. I was lured by the promise of results and all the raves on this forum. I am in meso 3 and really starting to see some results now!!! If you mixed sts and insanity how did you do it? How many times a week? How did you progress to the other dvds..ect...
  12. pinkquinn

    anyone else feel sick?

    Hi I have completed meso 1 and am halfway through meso 2. Every time I do legs I end up feeling sick to my stomach.....what the heck?! Today I only made to 33 minutes of the workout. Has this happened to any of you? Will it go away? Thanks for your input:D