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  1. Jenniferlove

    Bone Broth - Beef and Chicken

    Hello, I thought I'd post this in case anyone is interested. You can get bones from your butcher; obviously try to make sure the animals were fed organically and pastured. Beef bone broth - good bones to use: Meathy bones (neck and/or rib bones)* Marrow bone Knuckle bone * = can roast for 30...
  2. Jenniferlove

    Trouble with DVDs: FlexTrain & Great Glutes

    Has anyone had trouble with these DVDs? For me they worked fine for a while then they started freezing and skipping. Then they only worked at the chapter level -- for a while, and then they started freezing/skipping again. I received replacement DVDs but they are doing the same thing. So far...
  3. Jenniferlove

    Happy Birthday Nancy @!

    I heard through the grapevine that is is your birthday -- have a FANTASTIC birthday, Nancy!
  4. Jenniferlove

    myofascial - Grid roller versus Star roller

    I've always used a regular foam roller and occasionally a rumble roller. However, I'm thinking about switching to a grid roller but the star roller might also work. There's about a $20 price difference between the two but when it comes to what is going to do the best job for me I'm just not...
  5. Jenniferlove

    trouble dowloading pictures?

    I'm having trouble downloading some of the Flickr pictures - something about them belonging to a creative license. Can anyone help?
  6. Jenniferlove

    ExperiencedRoadTrippers-pack a gym bag?

    It looks like we'll need to take several things to the gym on Saturday when we leave the hotel, but no one has mentioned or put on the Suggested Items list a gym bag. Does this mean that the black Cathlete bags that were given out last year (from what I saw on the video) are always handed out at...
  7. Jenniferlove

    Discounts on FFW

    I believe I read in the forum somewhere that Feel Fit Wear sells items at a discounted price on RTs?! Does anyone know? Maybe it was just in my dreams:rolleyes:
  8. Jenniferlove

    Chin-up bar - P90X

    I just saw that Beach Body has items on sale this week only and one of them is the P90X chin-up bar; I have that bar and love it. It's 33% off, $39.95. Thought I would pass it along for those of you who are interested!
  9. Jenniferlove

    Happy Birthday CD Potier!

    I hope you enjoyed your day to the fullest!
  10. Jenniferlove

    Snack Bar (Snack Bar-O-Matic)

    Hi, this came from Beachbody; I loved it so much I thought I'd post it. I hear it's similar to the Lara bar. 3 or 4 Ingredients: 1) 1 cup pitted whole dates or prunes for the base (I used prunes) 2) 1 cup *dried fruit (I used dried apricots) 3) 1 cup **nuts and seeds (I just used flax seeds...
  11. Jenniferlove


    Has anyone tried CocoaVia ( It seems like an expensive habit but I was thinking of using it in baked goods.
  12. Jenniferlove

    Did you vote for Jackson or Joe?

    Did anyone vote on the Biggest Loser? I'm just curious to see who voted for Jackson or Joe. My vote goes to Jackson but my husband voted for Joe. I just think Jackson had a much harder way to go and had to work harder just to stick with his weight loss. All the puking he had to overcome...
  13. Jenniferlove

    Fatal error

    I keep getting the following message (below) - I've cleaned my drives, temp files, and cache in both my Home PC and my Work PC... I've even updated my Windows updates and installed my Service Packs. After I submit my post to the Push-It Check-in/Challenge thread I get the error... it is only...
  14. Jenniferlove

    Protein Fluff

    I apologize if this recipe has already been posted. I've not actually tried this YET but it sounds awesome and I wanted to share it. The Best Post Workout Meal Ever : Protein Fluff I looked up other protein fluff recipes and this site popped up - it has quite a few varieties of protein...
  15. Jenniferlove

    Tall people

    Hello there, I read the following article and found it fascinating! I'm not 6'2" but being close to 5'10" I can relate to this article regarding limb-to-torso length. So... I thought I would pass it along to others who might also find it interesting and helpful. I hope you enjoy it! Copy/paste...
  16. Jenniferlove

    oily skin = egg white mask

    Just wanted to pass along a tip that really worked for me... just a plain 'ol egg white slathered on clean skin; just enough to really cover the oily areas - no need to use the entire egg white (save the rest to use again later in the week). Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then rinse with...
  17. Jenniferlove

    Certify instructors to teach Xtrain's All Out Low Impact HiiT at their gyms

    Hi Cathe, You and your crew could hold Training workshops around the country; you could provide the specific format, approved modifications, the music, and Cathe gear and t-shirts to the instructors so that gym instructors could teach your class! I would love an opportunity to teach your...
  18. Jenniferlove

    Rest Time between muscle groups in XTrain

    Hello, I'm wondering if the description of "working muscle groups to complete exhaustion before moving on to the next group" means that we will be doing one exercise to complete exhaustion therefore having no rest time or stagnant workout time between exercises - - or - - will we have built in...
  19. Jenniferlove

    Carol of the Bells Utube/Boston Pops

    Tis the season - enjoy! (2:07 min) Carol of the Bells - Boston Pops Orchestra - Lyrics - YouTube
  20. Jenniferlove

    2013 Calendar update

    Looking forward to the new calendars - is there an estimated shipping date for those?