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  1. Cole7626

    Has anyone been to Yellowstone?

    Have any of you been to the Park and if so where would you recommend staying? We are driving there from San Diego and would like to go the most scenic route. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the advice, Nicole Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for...
  2. Cole7626

    FEMME Liquid Creatine for Women

    Have any of you used this product? I am doing a round of P90X and their recovery drink has creatine in it but I don't want to use it because creatine makes women bloated. I found this alternative at for a reasonable price but I wanted to get some input first. Thanks for the...
  3. Cole7626


    Have any of you used creatine? I don't want to gain muscle mass just strength and I heard creatine will help. Thanks, Nicole Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness. -Earl of Derby-
  4. Cole7626

    P90X Question

    Has anyone out there tried the bars or recovery drink and do they really make a difference IYO? Thanks in advance for your reply:) Nicole Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness. -Earl of Derby-
  5. Cole7626

    P90X Opinions

    I was thinking about getting the P90X system and I wanted all of your input on it. Did you notice big changes and was it worth the money? I only do Cathe DVD's right now because I have almost all of them. I haven't mastered all of them but I just thought I would throw my body a curve ball...
  6. Cole7626

    Odd Question

    Hi Everyone, A bit odd, but since I started doing Cathe exclusively with more weights, I've noticed my right rib cage sticks out a lot more than my left and I never noticed this before. I have lost quite a bit of body fat and so I know it's my rib cage and not muscle. Can anyone advise...
  7. Cole7626


    Has anyone used BCAA's+G.? It looks interesting but I don't know if it's worth it or not. Right now I am drinking Lean Dessert everyday and taking L-Glutamine so that might be the same thing. I'd be glad to get your input. Nicole Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find...
  8. Cole7626

    Pyramid or Push-Pull

    I wanted to work on building my lean muscle mass and I was wondering if you all had an opinion on which workout you prefer for that. I want to have defined muscles not just toned. I am just starting to see seperated muscles in my shoulders and triceps and I want more! :P Nicole
  9. Cole7626

    Barbell Weight

    Hi Cathe, I am noticing such a difference in my body since I started lifting weights and doing cardio with you. I was wondering, when you say your barbell is loaded with 40 lbs. is that total weight or the weight without the weight of the barbell added? I purchased a Troy Lite 40 lb. set and...
  10. Cole7626

    Cathe, a question about Nutrition and Supplements

    Hi Cathe, I am in love with your workouts and have noticed such a huge change in my stamina and physique. I have a hard time doing a lot of my old workouts now because they are not challenging enough. I would like to fine tune my definition and and all around physique but I think I am missing...
  11. Cole7626


    I have been looking and looking for a good pair of workout shoes. I mainly do step and weights and have had a difficult time finding a supportive shoe. I do not like shoes with a high ankle because I have a chip in my ankle. If you could recommend a good shoe that would be great! Thanks so...