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    Rock m Sock M

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed doing this workout this morning - I did Premix 4 - the workout with the Blizzard Blast (no icy core) and I like how the punching combos are mixed in with the cardio and the entire flow of the workout was perfect! There are some new moves in this one that I...
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    Total Fitness DVD

    Just wanted to pass on that a pretty sweet little sale is going on over at Total Fitness ;) Yep, I'm an enabler...:D I'm not affiliated either, just want to pass on the good sale karma.
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    MELT method

    Has anyone tried the MELT method? The NEW Art of Self-Care | MELT Method I've been using the Miracle Ball and like the movement on the ball. I really like foam rolling, too. This intrigues me, but the cost of the book, roller, and kit will be about $200. And there are some seminars in the...
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    Body Part Specific Stretching

    I really enjoy the stretching DVD, and after recovering from a ruptured disc and resulting sciatica all summer, I've discovered the benefits of physical therapy! A lot of what they showed me was stretching that I did, just longer times to hold the stretch, and it was all lower back, hamstring...
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    Yogurt/Fruit Bars!!!

    Maybe some of you knew this :D , I did not!!!! My husband and I LOVE the Healthy Choice Yogurt Bars, but you can't find them all the time. So I found some bar forms and have been making my own and they are so GOOD!! And easy, swear! Ingredients: 1 cup no fat plain greek yogurt 1 cup fruit...
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    Quinoa Granola

    I've been trying some of the quinoa granola recipes out there and think I've finally gotten down the right ratios. I know it sounds odd to put all these ingredients in 'raw', but it works. I used gluten free rolled oats, but that is what I had in the house, not that I'm gluten-free. Quinoa...
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    More ways to use protein powder

    Some of the I knew, some I didn't - thought I would share with you: 15 New Ways to Use Protein Powder Ellen