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    Postpartum Check In: Month of November

    Hi everyone! I hope all of you are doing well and haven't eaten too much Halloween candy yesterday and today. :9 Myself, I had four pieces after trick-or-treating with my 5 year old, and I refuse to feel bad about it. I had one of each of my favorites: junior mints, peanut M&M's, Mr...
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    Bootcamp Bi/Tri review

    I agree that the set-up for Boot Camp is annoying, especially moving the step in and out. I work out on carpet, so it won't just slide out of the way. But I still found the workout fun.
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    Post Partum Week of Oct 20th

    Hi, ladies. I hope you are doing well, and that your little ones are doing great, too. I can't recall if I missed last week's check in or not, but if so, I am sorry to have been away. Having a baby around again leaves little time for the computer! Lori, I must say I totally sympathize...
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    Lower Intensity Step Review

    I did this workout this morning and really liked it. I think it's my second favorite so far (after Kickbox); I only have Higher Intensity Step left to try. I thought the warm up was fun and the cardio section itself was quite fun as well. I thought the time flew by and I really enjoyed the...
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    Bootcamp Bi/Tri review

    I did Bootcamp Bi/Tri this morning and really loved it. The drills were super fun and challenging. I felt this 20 minute cardio workout was just enough to get my heart rate soaring and also wake me up (I always exercise first thing in the a.m.). ;-) The unique drills, with the use of the...
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    4-Day Split - My First Impression

    >Just finished Kickbox! I got a good workout, but was a >little bit bored. I felt like the cardio portion went by >really quick, I wanted more. Heavy legs was tough though, I >didn't go as high in weight as Cathe, but I will increase for >my next workout. I think the low lunges were...
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    >Maybe people already know this, but it was a nice surprise >for me. If you click on the individual premix title it'll >give you the breakdown of each premix. This info may have >already been in the blog, if so, I mustve just missed it. Thanks for this great tip, Stacy! I didn't...
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    Could someone comment on the new Kickboxing.....

    I did this workout today and was not that impressed with actual kickboxing segment. It wasn't long enough to get any sort of real sweat going, so I did it twice, then continued with the workout. I knew these 4 day split workouts would be short on the cardio, but I didn't realize I would barely...
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    Post Partum Check Oct. 15

    Hi all. I am glad to see everyone is getting some exercise in. I think we should all be very proud. It's not easy to be a mom and take care of ourselves at the same time! Chrissy, I hope Ella is sleeping a bit longer now. Jeremy sleeps for 4-5 hours at a stretch at night, but is still...
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    champion sports bra sale

    RE: Free shipping code >I ordered 2 sports bras and didn't get charged for shipping. >I also used the code PSUTEAM for an additional 20% off. Total >for 2 bras was $33.90! Thanks for sharing that code!
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    champion sports bra sale

    > >Annette Bethel > > >Target is having a wonderful sale on Champion workout clothes >including bras. I found 2 shirts will have to go back to >pickup more underwire bras. Dolly Parton of Irmo, needs the >underwires to prevent the bounce as well as not to knock >herself out doing...
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    Post Partum Check Oct. 8th

    Hi ladies! Thanks to everyone for the ongoing support and encouragement. I appreciate it so much. I know that there is no one else to blame for my slow weight loss than myself. I am definitely too much into snacking and carbs. I think I need to follow Lori or Cathy's lead and either join...
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    Post Partum Check Oct. 8th

    Hi everyone. I am sorry I missed last weeks check in. I have been busy with little Jeremy, who is now 2 months old. I can't believe how big he has gotten! I did still manage to get in 6 workouts last week, so I am proud of that. But the weight isn't coming off, judging by the fact I...
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    Post Partum Sept 23

    Hi everyone. Thanks for the encouragement on the weight loss, ladies. I will keep "plugging away" as they say. I remember after my first son, I didn't get into my pre-pregnancy clothes again for almost a year. And some clothes, I never got into again. There is something about being pregnant...
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    Post Partum Sept 23

    Hi Moms! It sounds like everyone is doing well. Lori, your workouts continue to amaze me. I don't know how you manage such long workouts with an infant around. What does your baby do while you are exercising? I am jealous because my baby boy interrupted my workout six times this morning...
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    Post Partum Sept Month

    Hi everyone. :) Congrats to Chrissy! I am very happy for you. Enjoy your new little one. My son is now 5 weeks old, and I have no idea how the time has flown by so fast. He is already changing and growing. He used to look just like his big brother, but now he is becoming more of himself...
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    New clips are TOTALLY WICKED!!!!

    I got the clips to play today no problem. I have no idea why, but today when I started my browser, they came right up. Thanks for all the help. I am very psyched to try these workouts!
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    New clips are TOTALLY WICKED!!!!

    I can't get the new clips to come up. I have tried re-opening my browser, but it still doesn't work. It continues to show the old clips from the last series instead. What do I need to do???
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    Chrissy, thanks for those great websites. They look really good! And good luck with your pregnancy. I hope the baby arrives soon. :) Robin, thanks also for that link to, which I will be checking out here shortly.
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    Kimberly Spreen workout DVDs

    Thanks for the input, Jen. It doesn't sound like it would be very challenging, but would be good for a light day. Also, thanks for the links to the Video Fitness forums and the reviews. I am still on the fence about whether to buy this one or not. I really like Kimberly, though.