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    urgent help before i order

    hi the metabolic ice and bootcamp circuit ice dvds,are they low impact
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    how of x10 and tabatise are low impact

    hi,just wondered how many mins/workout of these two dvds are low impact.
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    cross fire or to the max

    Hi ,just wondered which would be the most value for providing low impact options.Need to stick to low impact.many thanks mel
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    H10 and flexi train workouts

    hi the 10 minute H10 new upcoming dvd and the the upcoming flexitrain are they low impact.many thanks
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    help before i pre order

    Hi,hope you can help ,the new dvds ,will there be low impact modifications in the new dvds where you can use the there alot of high impact.putting off pre ordering until someone can clarify.
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    SMN ,need help urgently

    hi,i've ordered three dvds afterburn,turbo barre and slide and glide,except during putting it my basket and paying ,it emptied my basket so i re ordered only for me to recive two confirmations and order no for the same dvds.also ordered the slide and glide discs and noticed first class postage...
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    calorie burned for new low impact workouts

    Hi,Am new and haven't quite got the handg of workout manager yet and just wondred if anybody can give me the round about calorie burned for the new low impact workout.really appreciate it,mel
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    another question for SNM,sorry!

    Hi i wondered if you had a spare moment if you wouldn't mind answering the following questions. what are the differences between cardio superset and afterburn? Do you use light weights in cardio supersets? Would the slide and gllide be classed as cardio without weights? can you explain more...
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    SNM ,can you tell me more about cardio supersets

    hi, i am looking for cardio but no weights.noticed it said dumbells on the equipment needed section and just wondered if they are just for abs section orused throughout the workout.
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    question for SNV videos

    hi, I've tried emailing a few times but they have been unable to help and told me to ask on hopefully you can help. The new low imapct series am just wondering what types of workouts these dvds are, cardio supersets. afterburn, total trisets, althetic training, slide and glide...
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    dynamic,density and lactic acid training

    Hi, am wondering if anyone can tell me which cathe dvs are density training,dynamic training and lactic acid training.many thanks mel
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    in abit of a pickle

    hi, i don't own a barbell but have both LIC and high reps.i don't have much room so i was thinking about getting a weighted body bar.I can lift 3kg dumbbells okay but wondered what weight body bar i should buy for when cathe uses her barbell.what weight does she use in these workouts...
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    stretch dvds

    hi, just wondered what people opinions on the stretch dvds are.are they worth it.looking to buy before the sale ends so help much appreciated.many thanks,mel
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    hi, what supplements does evryone recommend.i've read about glucoamine but also have read it increase blood sugar levels.apprecaite your advice
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    thankyou cathe

    hi, just received an email with the news of the new low impact series ready in the summer.Will this include low impact,high intensity HIIt training.Thankyou for listening.can't wait.
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    weighted bar instead of barbell

    hi, i was thinking if i could us a weighted bar instead of a barbell in high reps and LIC and wondred what weight i should go for.any help appreciated.
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    high rep and low impact circuit

    hi everyone, brought these two dvds in the discount offer and wondered, i don't own a barbell or have room for one.can i use dumbbells instaed and if so what weight dumbells should i use when cathe uses her barbell.many thanks. melly
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    hi, for those of us who can't get ryka trainers what the next best trainer .many thanks
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    low max

    hi everyone.i've heard mixed reviews about this one.can you give your opinions and it similar to LIC,difficult to pick up etc.many thanks,mel