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    Checking on support ticket

    Is there a place to be able to check on the status of a support ticket? I got an email that had a link to check on the status, but when I clicked on it, it just showed my account info. Thanks.
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    Trouble with streaming Cathe OnDemand at a gym facility

    My gym is a large facility, only about 8 years old, and I live in a suburb of Washington DC. A couple of years ago I tried to stream workouts at the gym and it was erratic, pausing, disconnecting. I contacted the management and asked about the WiFi and they told me they were updating it and...
  3. J

    Just received DVD's and gliding discs!!!

    I live in Maryland, and the postman just dropped off a package. To my surprise it's my Cathe order!!!! I was order #79523. YAY!!! So fast!
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    Can't print my workout card

    I'm getting a fatal error message everytime I try and print my workout card for today. This has happened in the past one or two times. But I would refresh the page and it would print. But I've tried several times this morning and I keep getting the same message. Everything else works fine...
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    Shock cardio downloads

    I have them stored in my itunes files and have converted them to ipod files. When I try to put them into the workout blender, they show up and then disappear and a popup that says only Cathe downloads are supported and to go to the Cathe download site to purchase. MMA DID transfer, but none of...
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    Where's the 20% off coupon?

    I preordered STS Shock Cardio and printed out my invoice, but I didn't see any 20% off coupon. How do I find that? Thanks
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    adding rotations into calendar

    I was able to do this a couple of days ago, but this morning when I go to add a rotation it takes me to the screen where I need to add the rotation, but there's nothing there. Whether I want to add a Cathe or forum user. I went to the tutorial to make sure I was doing everything right and I...
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    Any roadtrip coordinator...

    I'm on the August road trip and have not received any email other than confirmation from gocathe that I am registered. I've read where other emails about the road trips have been sent, so should I have received anything else? Thanks, Jackie Reynolds
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    Cathe, are you going to sell any incremental weight....

    products? Just curious if you will be adding products to your line that would allow people to adjust their weight increments, like platemates or weighted gloves. And, if so, will they be ready for purchase with STS? Thanks, Jackie
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    Equipment for STS?

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    Equipment for STS?

    Will it use the slanted risers? Is it too early to ask what other equipment will be used for this series? This series sounds fabulous. I can't wait!
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    A blast from your past......

    I live in Frederick MD and have belonged to a gym for the past 2 years. I have taken the advanced step classes from 2 instructors consistently since I joined. I have also become good friends with both of them. This past Sunday I went out to coffee with the one instructor Patty and I happened...
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    I got em!!!!

    I just received the new series. I live in MD and I can't remember when I ordered but it was early. YAY!!! Jackie
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    Cathe, older women and weightlifting ?

    I have been working out for almost 20 years now. I'm close to 46 years old. When doing flies 2 weeks ago, I upped my dumbbell weights to 20lbs each. (Not the first time, but the first time in a couple of months.) I'm very careful about a good sore and a bad sore feeling when I lift and I...
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    SNM: Question about catalogs?

    I haven't received a new catalog yet and am wondering if you're still mailing them out. I've bought just about all the series put out, so I'm sure you have me listed as a customer. When do you think you'll have them all sent out by so I know whether or not I've been missed? Thanks! Jackie
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    I GOT IT!!

    I just received my high step!!! I live in MD and I got it about 15mins. ago. It's awesome! Thanks SNM! Jackie Edited to add: I also got a Cathe shirt in medium and it fits me great. Nice stretchy material. I normally take a medium to large in this type of shirt, for those of you...
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    Cathe, as women age..

    will they always have to watch what they eat? I am 45 and have always been slender (even after 5 children). BUT I feel that as I reached the age of 38 my metabolism changed. (I'm 45 now.) Doing the exact same things, but noticing a thin layer of fat coating my body. I eat to live so I'm not...
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    Attn Amynicole

    Just curious..You said you grew up in Montgomery County MD. I lived in that area for 30 years. What area were you from? Jackie
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    Cathe, I've upped my weight workouts, ? though...

    First, I too want to tell you how professional, and truly inspiring you are to me. I'm 44 and had 5 children (4 boys, gotta love them), and by your example, it makes me feel empowered that what I'm striving for is achievable. Although I hate to admit it, I thought after you had this baby, I...
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    SNM - ? about ordering VHS tapes

    I'm patiently waiting for the DVD series I ordered, however just wondering, if I ordered one or two of the series on VHS, what are the chances the DVDS and VHS will be sent at the same time? I don't know how long it will take before you ship out new VHS orders, and when you hope to be shipping...