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    Commit to get fit & lean for Feb 8, 2012

    Morning girls. I'm starting today's thread. Shocker! :p:rolleyes: BBL after I've read what you've all been up to.
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    Commit to get fit and lean for the weekend Oct. 15 & 16

    Morning everyone. Just getting us started. Kristin: Ugh, I was hoping you didn't get the cold. Too bad. I hope you recover soon and get everything you want done this weekend. I have got to clean house as well. My parents are coming Wednesday and it is not presentable at the...
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    Blog post about mineral supplements

    Hi Cathe, I would like to know where the number 100 grams comes from in the recent blog post "Do you need a mineral supplement if you work out?" (dated 10/02/2011). I can see a minimum of 1000 milligrams (which is 1 gram) for the five essential elements and even more, but 100 grams seems a...
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    Can't upload most recent files to workout blender

    Hello, I had gotten the downloads of the most recent set of DVDs. I just went to use my HighReps download to make a premix and I realized that the workout blender won't use the file. I tried all four from that recent set and neither on of the four (Intensity, lower body blast, highreps and...
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    Morning all, Well since I can't sleep I might as well get us started. :p Trish: That is such great news that everything turned out fine with your dad. Glad to hear that. And 114 OMG, that is hot hot hot. Unbelievable. I guess people probably stay indoors a lot that time of the year...
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    Just getting us started. I am heading to the basement to do CLX PC3. One more week and I am done with this phase. Only one more to go. It's been fun and I'm still a fan of the short workouts. Deb: Yep, I'm hooked..... and a little tender :o Is work getting busy with back to school...
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    Good morning, Just getting us started. Looks like Belinda's internet might still be acting up. Today I will do LBB and meet up with Iris :eek: So excited! Will try and BBL for personals later. TGIF :D
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    Calculating Heart Rates

    Hi Cathe and Cathletes, I was wondering about heart rates and would appreciate your opinion on this. Hopefully I didn't miss this somewhere else. Frequently I see my HR monitor telling me I am working really hard (above 90% for the maximum and mid 80% average for the entire workout). I...
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    Commit to get fit and lean for Friday Dec 11

    Hello, Getting us started since Belinda is away. Going to the basement. I'm leaning towards Bootcamp. BBL to report what I actually did. TGIF for sure on my side!
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    *** Commit to get FIT and LEAN *** Sept 24th

    Hello! Woohoo, I just started my first thread. (hoping nobody jumps in in the meantime :p) No workout for me. Don't think I'll get one in tonight. I'm cranky about it already too! But I do have to get ready to the trip as we leave tomorrow and DD is up now so I'll have to come back for...