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    Boss Bands-Overhead Tricep ext. modification

    I'm almost 5'10" so I use the orange band, which is very doable.
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    I would love a Bosu workout, too.
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    About My New Workout Series

    Having just acquired a used Fit Tower and loving the workouts, I hope Cathe can incorporate the Tower into her new series. The pull ups and core work are especially challenging.
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    Boss Bands Total Body

    I'm 5'10" and I had to use the orange band to lift up over my head. I also didn't use the blue band during the bicep workouts. Instead used the orange and green combination. Also on the pushups, I did one round on my knees and threw the bands away. I will never be as strong as Cathe and crew but...
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    Boss Loops Glutes & Corr A+++

    I too loved the music and the bands. The workout moved along quickly with new moves that were effective and fun. Thanks Cathe for this band workout.
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    Soundtrack from Flex Train

    The music in Flex Train is one of my favorites. Very fun and motivational. Love the workout too.
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    Upper body + Upper body bonus + Extended Stretch

    I did this yesterday with the lower body plus lower body bonus. What a great total body workout. I'm slightly sore today which feels great. It is a longer workout but definitely worth it if you have the time. Love the different core workout and extended stretch, too.
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    Fit Tower

    thanks Firemedic. Through further research it appears you are spot on. And I did call Fit Tower and there are no plans to sell new ones. I think I'll try to buy the used STS tower. I do hope Cathe does more barre workouts.
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    Fit Tower

    Does anyone know the difference between the STS tower and the Fit Tower? Does the Fit Tower come with barbell clips? I think the Fit Tower is wider and heavier but I'm not sure. May have a chance to buy the STS tower used, so wondering.
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    High Impact Hiit is a HIT!

    I just finished this one and it was very challenging for me. Let's just say I modified quite a bit. I would just splatter on the ground if I did the competitive burpees like Cathe. Maybe I can work up to them? But I did make it through because the workout isn't long and Cathe does let us catch...
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    Perfect30 Perfect Pump Lower Body

    I did this workout yesterday. I love that each exercise is fast and effective. I lifted less weight than Cathe because lower body workouts are hardest on my bad lower back. I followed up with the lower body bonus, which was perfect because I got to hit the floor and give my back a break. I...
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    Fit Tower

    I can't find a Fit Tower for sale anywhere. Do you know where I can buy one? Any plans on more barre workouts?
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    Calling all 60 year old and older Cathletes

    Wow, I hope I can do RWH, Crossfire, To the Max and Afterburn at 70. I have a hard time with them at 55. Some of Cathe's toughest WOs, but I agree, great ones. I have to be rested up and motivated to do these ones, but what a sense of accomplishment afterwards. I can't pick a favorite series or...
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    Cathe and Jai doing the scorpion pose from the Perfect 30 Mobility workout

    Yikes! Won't look so graceful but super excited for this!!
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    gym floor

    Cathe, I've noticed that in your older videos it says Taraflex on your floor. Which Taraflex floor did you use and did you like it? Do you still use Taraflex? If not, what floor are you using in your videos now? I need to purchase a floor for my new home gym. Thanks.
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    Lower Body Workout to Pair with Ramped Up Upper Body

    Funny I just did Ramped Up Upper body 2 days ago, still sore, and FS Boxing Bootcamp/Legs and Glutes yesterday. Personally I would be drained combining both of them together, but if you can do it, you are one powerful woman.
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    IMAX 3

    Did plyohitt on the step the other day and had to use one riser instead of 2 like Cathe. And the part where she jumps over the step sideways, I had to use no risers. Your right, though JCS3, at least we are still at it.
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    IMAX 3

    Yes the music is the best. Xtrain has great music too.