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    Cathe summer RT dates.

    Hi Cathe or SNM I know this is rather early but would you happen to have the dates of your summer RT in NJ yet? The reason I ask is that I am hoping to come from Canada and I need to know as soon as possible to plan for my vacation. There are a group of Catheletes on a check-in and we are...
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    What weight weighted vest do you suggest???

    Hi I am going to invest in a weighted vest and wanted to know what suggestions you might have? I have seen the Cathe one at 12-20 pounds but there is also an adjustable one for upto 45 poiunds:eek:??? Any ideas ladies of which would be a better investement based on experience? Thanks in...
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    WW week of August 21st

    Since Stacy is away (i think) i'll start the new thread for the week! Well pretty awful for me today ..I have hit my highest at is hovering pretty close to 130 and i am really not liking it...I was really hoping to be down...i know it isn't water weight since my shorts are feeling...
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    New STS check-in...For those of us just starting or getting back in to it.

    Hi I started STS for the first time last week and was wondering if anyone was interested in starting a check-in? I am on week 2 of meso 1 and LOVING IT!:D
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    WWERs check in 3nd week of June

    Holy moly!:eek: Already the third week of June!!!! starting us off..
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    WWERs check in 2nd week of June

    :) I hope i haven't stepped on any toes starting this but...since i am the first one this week i jumped right in! Happy 2nd week of June check in All is well although my hubs sabotaged me totally last night at 2am... he came home with a poutine...those of you not from Canada ..heck maybe...
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    Step height and mets

    Good morning I had a question: When doing the dvds are we using the step height that Cathe uses while doing the dvd to calculate mets (workout manager) ? For example in Bodymax she uses the 8 inch step and imax extreme and intensity she uses the 6 inch. Are the calculations of the...
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    Bodymax 2

    Just finished the step portion of bodymax 2..boy I really like that workout. I hadn't done it in a while and I found it a lot of fun.:D
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    HIIT every day?

    Hi I'm new here and have just started HIIT training with Cathe's dvd (prev done turbo fire) I wanted to know if you can do a 25 minute HIIT every day? or is that not recommended..;) thanks