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    Thank you Cathe!! I am now a figure competitor!!

    Three years ago, I started STS and gradually transformed my body. STS was just the start of my journey. I want to say thank you, thank you for being my first step back into weight training. I wanted to share this because I felt like I should give back what I have received. When I started...
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    My success story and first figure competition

    I was not ever over weight, but I just wasn't happy. I started out with Cathe 18 months ago. In June of this year, I contacted a trainer and started training for my first figure comp. I did do Cathe's HIIT and other dvds to supplement. I didn't make the top five in my comp, but I am extremely...
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    Training for Figure Competition-Do you think I can so it with sts?

    Training for Figure Competition-Do you think I can with sts? I need some feedback. I have a figure comp. I am training for in Oct. I have started to see a trainer, I really like him, but I feel like I am doing alot of the same stuff Cathe is doing in STS. So I am thinking, why hire someone...
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    Anyone done a Figure competition?

    I am thinking about doing a figure competition. I wanted some feedback from others. How long did it take you to prepare? I have a great base. For the past 8 months I have been doing STS and a P90x rotation. Also, I have ran for 15 years. I have lost alot of fat, but now need to tighten things...
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    Core Max?

    I am thinking about buying core max since it is 30% off this week, but I already have the STS abs dvd. Would I benefit from core max or will it be repeat of what I already have? I love weighted ab work. Comments please. Jennifer
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    HIIT videos and Shock are perfect with STS

    Okay, I am on my 2 week of Meso 1. I am doing the 6 1/2 month rotation. I did my 1 max reps before. I am lifting to my full potential as recommended and I totally feel it. The shock cardio is a wonderful balance. It is just enough High Intensity, but not so much that you can't do it. I was...
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    Round 2 starting May 2

    I am so excited I am starting round 2 of sts the 6 month rotation. Anyone want to join me? I had awesome results the first time. I really want to add some muscle now. I am no longer wanting to lose weight. The first time around I had 15 lbs to lose. I want to tighten and firm up now. :D...
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    FitnessFreakk366---I really want to be tighter and toned.

    Hello, I have read tons of you posts. I have a question for you. I am wanting to get more definition, not so much muscle. What do you suggest? Do you think the STS 6 months will help. I had really good results from 3 months. I am really itching to do STS again. I am doing another rotation...
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    suggestion on how to spend my 100 GC

    Hey, I won the GC this week. I am wondering what you guys suggest. I already have STS, Shock Cardio, Power Hour, Drill MAX, Pyramid Chest, Slow and Heavy Legs. I know I am buying Butts and Gutts, but what else should I have in my collection? Jennifer
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    undulating STS 6 month

    I am trying to find Cathe's Undulating STS the 6 month. I looked under workout manager and can't find it. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks
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    Where to get cheap, but good dumbells?

    Okay, I am doing STS. MY strength is going through the roof. My highest db is 15 lbs. I need to get 20,25,30. Any suggestions? Weights beyond 15 lbs are expensive, but I need them. Thanks Jen
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    Do you really have to do an active rest week?

    Okay, in less than 2 weeks is my active rest week. Do you really think I need it? Meso 1 is endurance, but before I did meso 1, I completed marathon training program. I feel like endurance is a drop in the bucket to me. I am just ready to jump into meso 2. Would it hurt my results to...