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    Get ready for summer month 2 rotation?

    I did the Shape Up for Summer rotation for April. When will month 2 (May ) be posted? Got great results from April plus it was super fun mixing some old with the new. Thanks for your time Sarah
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    Area Rugs

    I have had a polypropylene area rug for about 10 years. It held up with the exception of the binding around the edge has been coming off for years. It is a very traditional oriental style that really hides the dirt/ dog hair. I am in the market for a new area rug. I went and looked and the...
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    Anchorage folks in Cathe Nation?

    My husband has been offered a job in Anchorage. I have never been to AK. Any advice on looking for house to buy, rent or real estate agents would be much appreciated. Sarah
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    Training Back Muscles

    I did Muscle Max today and it was the first time in a while that I had done that sort of workout (I have been doing STS). With that older style (higher reps) of workout the burn is much more intense. I understand that doesn't necessarily mean I'm working harder. While reflecting about the...
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    Is there a exercise you just don't do?

    I don't even count it. I don't do any of it, and I still consider myself having done the whole disk (I know it's cheating). I don't know why, but for some reason in my head, I hear "calf work" and I think breather or water break : ) Sarah
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    walking/running shoes for winter

    I need to buy some mainly walking shoes (I also like to jog once a week) that will help keep my feet warm and not as wet. I get outside to walk the dog and within 10 steps water has gone straight through the mesh on my Ryka's. Plus even if its not wet my feet end up being freezing cold. I can't...
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    Etsy Users

    I have recently started selling on Etsy. I had never purchased from there and really hadn't looked at too much either. My question is if you are a shopper, how do you search for what you are looking for? Do you look at the promote spaces? Do you just do a search for all things related to...
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    recommendations for hyperpigmentation

    Im looking for a facial cream to lighten the spots (age spots or really big freckles) that are starting to appear on my face. I also have some darkening skin on my upper lip that is making it look like I have a mustache. Its not the the hair I swear! Its very overwhelming the choices out there...
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    sports bra for small chest?

    Normally I workout at home and could give a rip about how I look. Most of the time I dont wear a bra(this may be contributing to one of the problems). Lately I have been going to Zumba class for fun. I have been wearing my normal bras which have alot of padding because I'm very flat and now...
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    snack ideas

    I am having a hard time thinking of cold weather snack ideas. Normally for a snack i have an apple with laughing cow and i love it. However, now that the weather is cold, i am usually cold, and a cold apple just doesn't sound good. Does anyone have any ideas for some good snacks that are warm or...
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    Lego Cake

    We had my sons 1st party yesterday, he was turning 7. He chose a Lego theme for the party. I had been doing really good exercising and staying on track with good food choices. I got up early just to set my day off to the right start so I would have time to exercise. Got in Gym Style Legs, house...