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    More Perfect 30 Workouts

    I would love to see the Perfect 30 series expanded. There could be: Perfect 30 Kickboxing Perfect 30 Step Perfect 30 Barre Perfect 30 Spinning Perfect 30 Bands You get the idea.
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    CTX Low Impact

    CTX to this day remains one of my favorite series. However, as I get older, the impact in most the of cardio workouts is a bit too high for me. I would LOVE a series just like CTX, but with low impact cardio...five 30 minute low impact cardio workouts (preferably that don't use discs)...
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    Best Fitness BFSB10 Spin Bike

    Hello. By any chance does anyone here have a Best Fitness BFSB10 spin bike? If yes, do you like it? I'm looking to get a spin bike and I found this one, but I can't find many reviews of it. Thanks! Shelbygirl
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    Spin Bike Question

    I'd be happy to have answers from anyone at all who has an opinion... I'm looking to get a spin bike and was wondering how important it was for the bike to have a rim around the flywheel? For example, it looks like all the Star Tracs have the rim, but the LeMond Revmaster bikes do not...
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    Cycle Max and Spin Bikes

    Okay, time to "'fess up". How many of you bought a spin bike when you heard about Cycle Max? For those of you who did get one (or already have one), what kind did you get? I'm looking and could use some suggestions for a solid, low maintenance spin bike. Thanks, Shelbygirl
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    Question on Turbo Tower Assembly

    Hi Cathe/SNM. I purchased my tower years ago but am embarrassed to say I never put it together until today. (I finally was motivated by the new Barre workout). It seems kind of wobly, but I understand that is supposed to be normal. My question is, what length screws are being used for the...
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    Which cardio workouts use the Gliding Discs the least?

    Hello. Out of the following new workouts, which use the gliding discs the least? Athletic Training After Burn Cardio Supersets I'm not yet set up to use the discs (need to get a carpet to toss down first). Thanks, Shelbygirl
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    Spin DVD

    Hi Cathe. I was just wondering if you thought the Spin DVD you are making could be easily modified to use with a recumbant bike. Looking forward to the Low Impact Series! I don't think I've ever been this enthused about a new series. Thanks for listening to your fans!! Shelbygirl
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    STS (Full Program) for Upper Body Only?

    Has anyone ever done an "upper body only" rotation with STS? I just purchased the entire program (awesome sale, by the way!). I have a minor glute injury right now, however, that is preventing me from doing squats and lunges. I'm hankering to start the STS program and don't want to wait until...
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    Three STS Total Body Workouts - Meso 1, 2, 3

    While I'm still holding out for a low impact series, I figured I could only reply to that thread so many times. So, here's another idea: How about an STS Total Body Meso 1, Total Body Meso 2 and Total Body Meso 3 series. It would be three total body weight workouts representing each of the...
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    How many DVDs will there be?

    SNM, Just wondering how many actual DVDs there are going to be (ignoring Travel Fit). On the pre-order site, it shows the "11 DVD Bundle", which sounds like 11 individual DVDs. Further down on the pre-order site, however, it shows four DVDs, with multiple workouts on each DVD. Thanks...
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    Credit Card Rewards Offering Cathe Stuff!

    How cool is this...I had a ton of credit card award points to cash in, so I was looking at all their fitness stuff. Just about all the "Fitness By Cathe" products were offered so I picked out Cathe's weighted gloves and a set of her ankle weights. So, if you have a reward offering credit card...
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    Comments From SNM on the Modifier Idea?

    SNM, I was just wondering if you could comment on the idea presented in several threads about having a lower impact modifier. Is this idea being considered at all for this STS Shock Cardio series or is it just not an option at this time? With the presale deadline looming, I'd love to...
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    Level of Impact of New Workouts?

    Would it be possible to tell us which of the new cardio workouts is expected to be lower impact? The level of impact is a big issue for me these days (due to a previous back injury), so having this information will better enable me to decide whether or not I should pre-order. Also, whether...
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    Morning Sickness Treatments - Ideas Anyone?

    Hello All. My sister in law is about eight weeks pregnant and is experiencing really bad morning sickness. Any tips on what she could try to relieve her symptoms a bit? I've heard to be careful of what type of pre-natal vitamins you take because they can make you worse, but other than that...
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    I'm a Bit Bummed...Had To Cancel Pre-Order

    Just needing to whine a little...I canceled my STS pre-order. I have a badly herniated disc in my lower back and I really don't think I'll be lifting for a while (let alone lifting heavy). Right now, I'd be happy if I could do a simple Leslie Sansome video! Oh well, crap happens. At least...
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    STS and Herniated Disc

    I posted this in the STS Forum, but it was suggested I post here too so here goes... Hello Fellow Cathe Fans. I've been very excited about STS. Unfortunately, it looks like I have a herniated disc (based on an x-ray showing disc space narrowing, sciatica pain, foot numbness and loss of...
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    STS and Herniated Disc

    Hello Fellow Cathe Fans. I've been very excited about STS. Unfortunately, it looks like I have a herniated disc (based on an x-ray showing disc space narrowing, sciatica pain, foot numbness and loss of muscle use in my calf). I won't get the results of my MRI until next week, but assuming...
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    Some Questions About Sciatica

    Hi Guys. I've just been gifted with a HUGE bout of sciatica and I have a couple questions for anyone who has a clue. 1. Even though my left leg hurts all the way from the butt down, do you think it's okay to lift weights for upper body? I've done precisely zero workouts since this...
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    Can circuit workouts fit in with an STS rotation?

    During an STS rotation, can we still do one day a week of a circuit workout (like LIC or SJP)? It will be easy enough to work in a few days of cardio around the three STS weight lifting days, but I'm not sure how to work in circuits (or if it's even recommended). Normally when I do three day...