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    Fit Tower

    I can't find a Fit Tower for sale anywhere. Do you know where I can buy one? Any plans on more barre workouts?
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    gym floor

    Cathe, I've noticed that in your older videos it says Taraflex on your floor. Which Taraflex floor did you use and did you like it? Do you still use Taraflex? If not, what floor are you using in your videos now? I need to purchase a floor for my new home gym. Thanks.
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    IMAX 3

    Started IMAX 3 the other day with one riser and after the first interval I had to take out the riser and finish the entire workout on the platform only. I've been doing IMAX 3 for years with the riser and now I'm finding it too hard. I find box jumps onto the step almost dangerous for me with...