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    Nancy Tucker stated new BodyFit workouts coming by end of year

    I love Nancy Tucker!!! She rocks. And Allie is the bomb!!! I may have to invest in these workouts as well. :D Sue
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    So where are YOU located? :)

    Delaware- 45 minutes south of Cathe's gym!
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    Summer reading

    Becky, I haven't read my Karin Slaughter yet!! She is fantastic! Love her!! Her Grant County books are wonderful. I'm going on a cruise in 2 weeks... saving her for the ship! :D
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    Summer reading

    Light and fluffly would be Janet Evanovich. I love her. Her newest release was in June. More serious would be Karin Slaughter, Lisa Gardner and Kathy Reichs. Good luck!! I've got a pile I'm currently working on. I love when the authors release their newest batch of books!
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    is IAMS and Science diet really that bad?

    Dog Food I also feed my boxers Nature's Variety. They love it. My female can not have corn products. Since we've switched them over, no more trips to the vet! The corn was having the opposite effect of others on here. It stopped her up. My male could and would eat whatever what available! :D