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  1. Soxy

    Cathe Friends, Followers, & Fans

    Dear Cathe Friends, Followers, & Fans, I am in the process of downsizing & simplifying my life to get ready for retirement! Everything that I don’t love 10 out of 10, or that doesn’t fit, or I haven’t used in the last 15+ years :p has to go!! Those of you here on the Cathe forums might be...
  2. Soxy

    New Series

    Am I the only nut who's loving the blue risers? I want a pair!:D
  3. Soxy

    Too Much Off the Beat, Not for Me

    Yesterday my workout was a "mish mosh" with parts from Low Impact HiiT 1 & 2 and Plyo 1. I did premix #2: Extreme Low Impact 1 & 2 combined, paused and then added the main program of the Plyo HiiT 1. I was doing OK until the Dixie Cup Shuffles which were "off beat" (and I'm not loving that)...
  4. Soxy

    Nothing Better to Do While Recovering from HiiT Plyo 2

    I decided to editorialize my profile page a little with updated comments in the bold italics following the originals. I wonder if Cathe realizes the impact she has on each and every one of her fans. I tell a lot of people about Cathe, but only the Cathletes & fans here on the forums and at the...
  5. Soxy

    My New Go To...Plyo HiiT Two

    I love any Cathe workouts that revolve around the step. Having done both RWH Circuit workouts, I decided on Plyo HiiT 2 for today. This workout was tough, but doable! I did each exercise as Cathe and crew without any modifications, but I had my pause button within easy reach. Turned out, I...
  6. Soxy

    HiiT Circuit UB is Mmm, Mmm, Good!

    I "enjoyed" everything about this workout. The heart rate never slows down. This circuit moves swiftly from move to move and round to round, so have your weights (& and backup weights:rolleyes:) ready. Lots of compound/functional exercises emphasizing UB muscles groups. Squat presses are one...
  7. Soxy

    RWH Bonus Abs

    Did Bonus Abs One & Two today after doing Hiit Circuit LB. I'm usually very lazy when it comes to abs, especially if they are on the floor after a long or challenging cardio or weight workouts as I tend to fall asleep. Doing abs first after warm-up and before main program works better for me...
  8. Soxy

    Getting Psyched About Ripped

    I again watched all 9 of the video clips from the Ripped with HiiT series & read each list of "Premixes" for each workout and I am truly excited to get started. I saw a few familiar, but favorite moves & I think I heard some familiar music too. Cathe & the crew look fantastic and their energy is...
  9. Soxy

    My Brain is on Fire

    Just finished Cathe Live Step Express class, woooo good workout! I was initially excited when I recognized some familiar moves from LIC & AS, but mix familiar moves with different music and I really had to concentrate. The left right thing did not bother me, I simply followed Cathe like I always...
  10. Soxy

    "Cathe" on My Back

    I just finished a lovely, 1 hour hike around Rockland Lake & Nyack Beach/Hook Mountain State Park. I love the steep hills, the smell of drying leaves, and the views along the Hudson River with the TZ Bridge in the background. The weather is perfect here in NY today, 65 & sunny with a mild...
  11. Soxy

    Just Going Through the Motions

    I'm feeling a little down, but I'm glad I'm not crazy! For the past 10 days, between a hectic week on-call at work and seeing a new ENT Doc who has been doing a battery of testing, I could not fit in a workout. My current "rotation" is going to be half hour premixes of my favorite Cathe workouts...
  12. Soxy

    ADHD & Something to Think About

    While researching my own health issues I came across some interesting information about the connection between sleep disordered breathing & ADHD. I had never understood how giving stimulant medications to a child who is hyperactive and unable to focus could be helpful until I read the book...
  13. Soxy

    This One's For the Girls

    I have very eclectic taste in music. A child of the 70's & 80's, I also dig 50's & 60's music. I love everything from Elvis to Pit Bull, but if you ask me I will say my favorite genre (since the early 90's) is Country. In the past year or so, nothing much in country has turned me on, but today I...
  14. Soxy

    Check Out the Prop

    I was reading an Oxygen collectors issue (Summer 2014) for motivation and came across this familiar prop on page 12.
  15. Soxy

    Blog posts

    Links to my blog from a post on open discussion forum get a message error & visitors cannot read it. I tried posting it 3 times (Links, LPRD, & Earful of Food for Thought)
  16. Soxy

    I Nailed it Today

    Yesterday I struggled through CLB (, and today I sailed through X-Train (4) Super Cuts. My inner thighs and "thutt" areas were talking to me from yesterday, but like Cathe says, "Everyday is a new day!" I felt strong and energized :D. After...
  17. Soxy

    Old Fashioned Remedies are Often Best

    Funny, while I was away in Bermuda last week, a massage therapist recommended I try soaking in Epsom salt baths for my muscle aches and problems with muscle cramping I've been having lately. She said "many people have low magnesium levels" which made sense. Since the skin is such a large organ...
  18. Soxy

    I Struggled Today

    Today I felt something I had not experienced in a long time, "air hunger". Now that I'm in my fitties, I listen to the signals my body sends out. I did X-Train (6) CLB today and I paused so frequently that it took me 58 minutes to do 48 minutes of the program. My heart rate was in it's usual...
  19. Soxy

    Got Noticed Today

    I'm vacationing in Bermuda, & working out everyday in this beautiful fitness center overlooking the resort pool & the ocean. Along with treadmill, stationary bikes, elliptical, standard weight machines, and free weights being available, I have my fire walker & dyna-bands with me band with me. I...
  20. Soxy

    What is She Made Of???

    My dear, dear Cathe! I'm loving Cathe Live. Torched 300 KCals with an average HR of 145 & Max HR 170. Cathe's energy comes right through my little iPhone into the huge TV. Cathe Live TV is everything I could dream of! I was going to do TTM today, but this was the perfect last workout before...