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  1. firemedic

    Cathe app not updating with new workouts.

    I log out every time I use live on my firestick because it will not load new workouts.
  2. firemedic

    anyone else seeing weird message at upper left corner of their screen?

    Yes, I saw it yesterday on the workout manager page but did not have time to inquire. Don't know what it's about either.
  3. firemedic

    Getting new internet!

    For years I had about 25mbps or less and I was able to do Cathe ondemand and live but I did have streaming issues. Last year we were able to upgrade 100mbps and I couldn't believe how fast it was. This year, we just upgraded again and now have 300mbps. I can honestly say that I have no issues...
  4. firemedic

    July 14, 2022

    I totally agree. I just finished this one as well and really liked it. I did a few modifications myself due to a slight injury that is finally healing. Had a lot of fun and it didn't seem like 45 mins until I was done and the sweat kept coming. Thanks Cathe for another fun workout.
  5. firemedic

    Stability Ball Holder

    I have 3 different sizes. I used 2 nettings from my suv that I never used and hung each one in a different corner. So I have my very large ball in one corner with my larger net and my small yoga ball and small stab. ball in the other corner with the smaller net. They fit perfect and are...
  6. firemedic

    Video Clip Of Cathe's Cardio Box: Arms and Abs Live Workout

    Just finished this one and it was great. I was feeling a little tight from doing upper body Saturday, but this really helped with that. I feel great now.
  7. firemedic

    June 30, 2022

    I was planning on doing the original To The Mat, I think I'll just have to delay it until later in the day and do this live one instead. Cannot wait!!!
  8. firemedic

    Confused on proper form....

    I always do mine slow no matter how Cathe is doing hers. I find that the bonus Rear Delt from XTRAIN is excellent in form. I do that one a lot because I've had issues with my shoulders in the past. I think in general, XTRAIN works the rear delt extremely well. I also like the one arm version...
  9. firemedic

    Shared workouts

    When you are in the blender and under "my workouts" tab, there is a red "x" in the right corner of every workout. Just click the "x" and it will ask if you want to delete this workout, just answer Yes. Hope that helps.
  10. firemedic

    Hey Cathe, would you consider updating the 4 day/5 day/ one body part per day rotations?

    I like your idea of just picking a weeks worth of a rotation. I have a hard time following a full month. Thanks for the idea, I think I will try that for the next few weeks.
  11. firemedic

    Question about Cathe Live on Firestick

    Thanks so much for the response and hard work for us. Can't wait but will still be enjoying live until then.
  12. firemedic

    Question about Cathe Live on Firestick

    I was wondering if it would be possible in the future to add the option to pick my workout by the workout number? There are so many live workouts now that when I want to do an older one and it's not under my favorites, it takes a while to get there. I don't really use the categories much because...
  13. firemedic

    How Many Had COVID?

    I'm sorry it took so long for me to respond. I wasn't sure about returning but decided that one should not ruin it for all. I'm sorry if I made anyone feel like I was blaming them. I took this the way I did because my grandmother died of a blood clot to the brain (stroke) 3 days after being...
  14. firemedic

    How Many Had COVID?

    I'm sorry but I am probably not going to be posting here anymore. I do not appreciate being attacked for my person choice of not getting vaccinated against covid. Me not getting vaccinated does not endanger or harm anyone around me. I got a personal message from someone here telling me I'm...
  15. firemedic

    Cathe On Demand and Firestick

    Yes. I've been using it on my Firestick for a few years now. For the firestick, her On Demand is on one app and her Live is on another. I really like using the live app because there is a favorites tab so now I can have easier access to my favorite live classes. There is also a favorite for the...
  16. firemedic

    Notification of new workouts

    She does live every Thursday. There are only a few times a year that she takes off. So just plan on seeing them on Thursdays. If you want to do it live with her, be ready at 9:30am ET.
  17. firemedic

    Cathe's St. Paddy’s Green Energy Live Workout

    Just did it and it was fun. Time went by fast since it's only around 34 mins. The cardio part lasts about 20-22, then abs and a stretch. Another great one Cathe. Thanks!!!
  18. firemedic

    About My New Workout Series

    You will not be disappointed in XTRAIN. That and ICE are my 2 favorite series from Cathe.
  19. firemedic

    Just Did Perfect 30 High Impact

    Congratulations!!! I modify some of the burpees too. I do have a hard time doing that many but some days I do this workout, I do more and other times, I do a little less. But no matter what, it's a great workout. I do love both the high impact and the low impact in this series.
  20. firemedic

    How Many Had COVID?

    I'm like you. I loved not having people stand next to me during the beginning. I always have shopped early morning because I hate crowds. I don't go out other than dr's appointment and right now radiation therapy, having to go 5 days a week for 6 weeks is the most I've left the house since I...