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  1. ReneePruitt

    Step and strength circuit premixes

    I wish I knew, that would be great to have! I love circuit. ESP Cathe’s circuits like low impact circuit with the step. That one is so fun and I burn a lot of Cali and don’t even realize it. The music is great and work out isn’t Hard as in seems to long but it is long enough that u burn a ton...
  2. ReneePruitt

    Ice 2

    thanks! I hope she sees this and does it soon!
  3. ReneePruitt

    Ice 2

    I love X train too! The music is great! I’d say a mixture of ICE and X train with x train music and an added step routine would be so perfect!
  4. ReneePruitt

    June 06 Rock Bottoms Rotation

    how do you keep up with 300 lunges? Do you all do 50 at a time or less?
  5. ReneePruitt

    Ice 2

    Hey Cathe.. wondering if u can do a new series that is ICE2 or XTrain 2 and add in one extra dvd of a step workout like mega step, or the step u have with step blast? That would be nice. I love how the ice is set up with so many add on but also good for intermediate so I can take one day that...
  6. ReneePruitt


    Seems like it’s all advanced, the intermediate ones can easily be advanced jump higher, add risers. Plus the premixes on those have advanced moves added on.
  7. ReneePruitt

    ICE 2...Who's In?

    Me me me and add in a step workout that is 60 minutes and premixes of less with some cool music! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. ReneePruitt

    April 5, 2018

    Me too! I hope to God she still makes more DVDs and so do other instructors because we don't have access to ANY internet! Can't even get cable but they do offer Direct TV and dish tv but none of them will come this far for internet service. So people like us are crap out of lick if we can't...
  9. ReneePruitt

    Wanted - Music with Lyrics like Good Old Days!!

    Do you mean even music like that is in party rocking step 1 ? That had great music and I remember then it was same reason we had sound alikes. But I loved this, surly we can have more like that?
  10. ReneePruitt

    Another step dvd!

    Cathe I know you are not into the step as before. But my fav workouts are cardio and weights dvd, low impact circuit, party rocking step 1 and 2 and body max 2, low max, and low impact challenge from the lis! Now I have done all your DVDs and well I really wish to get more like the ones I...
  11. ReneePruitt

    It's time for beginners and intermediate workouts.

    Have you tried the ICE or low impact series? I would love her to do a low impact series 2 with more music that is like x trains. I love those workouts but don't do it as much because the music isn't great. Then there is the ICE I can only do the main workout not the advanced part so I really...
  12. ReneePruitt

    It's time for beginners and intermediate workouts.

    I know what I mean about streaming! I moved to area where there is NO internet! We asked for it but they came out and looked and said there is no foundation for it and not enough demand for it here to justify spending the money it takes to bring it here! Ugh I love love ICE! I think it is not...
  13. ReneePruitt

    Are there any other good step workouts not by Cathe

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. ReneePruitt

    Yoga & Stretch Workouts

    Yes! Yin yoga I have started doing is so delicious! It is like a massage! Hold stretching for 2 or 3 minutes. Some say 5 minutes but to me three is better Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. ReneePruitt

    More Step Workouts!

    Body max 2, lowmax, and step blast, step jump pump, low impact circuit but just the cardio portion is what I'd love to see! I also lov IMAX 2 and the cardio of cardio and weights Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. ReneePruitt

    Please more choreographed step workouts like Party Rockin!!

    I would love that but not to difficult of choreography. More like if u add risers to it then u can get harder concept. But I would love to have one that is like the choreography of party rocking step or low impact circuit cardio portions! U can make it harder by jumping higher and such. Sent...
  17. ReneePruitt

    Yoga & Stretch Workouts

    I agree! Maybe she will do a. Onus 30 minutes yin yoga!! I need it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. ReneePruitt

    How many of you are pre-ordering Fit Split?

    Well I love it loud all the way lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. ReneePruitt

    How many of you are pre-ordering Fit Split?

    I ordered. I sure hope she uses music like in xtrain ! I know she can't do songs like bodymax 2 or low impact cardio circuit or body blast series but like the x train dvds would be good. I like the low impact series exercise but never reach for it as much do to the music and same thing for the...
  20. ReneePruitt


    I would love to see her do a series for us who would like as OP said bodybuilding. I mean like a fitness competitor. And have a diet with it of what to eat to lean out and get into a fitness competition. I know I'd never get into a competition but I share would not mind almost looking like...