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  1. firemedic

    Question about Cathe Live on Firestick

    I was wondering if it would be possible in the future to add the option to pick my workout by the workout number? There are so many live workouts now that when I want to do an older one and it's not under my favorites, it takes a while to get there. I don't really use the categories much because...
  2. firemedic

    Beachbody question

    Has anyone tried the 80 Day Obsession from BeachBody? I see that they have a 14 day free trial and that was advertised and I've never seen that one before. I've tried a few of the others from beachbody but did not care for them, it was the instructors, for some reason. But this one intrigued me...
  3. firemedic

    Missing last weeks live download

    I cannot find last weeks live to purchase as a download. Am I missing something, is it posted somewhere else? Just wondering because I really want to get it.
  4. firemedic

    New Series??

    I thought I read somewhere that Cathe was going to announce a new series during the virtual road trip. Did this happen?? or was something else announced?? I could be wrong but I thought I would ask.
  5. firemedic

    foam rollers

    I just seen in my news letter that Cathe has new products and one of them being a foam roller. I've never used one. I've only done stretching (like Cathe's dvds) or yoga. How does this differ? Can anyone recommend a good video or instructor to see if this is something I would like to add. I...
  6. firemedic

    Thumb joint pain question

    I've been having pain right at my thumb joint going into the palm of my hand. It's mostly bothers me when I do anything on my hands (pushups, yoga). It's almost like my hand doesn't want to lay flat at my thumb. Has anyone else had anything like this? If so, what is it? I'm seeing my Dr. next...
  7. firemedic

    Cathe's new tubings

    Has anyone purchased and tried Cathe's new tubings? I would really like to have a light one and was wondering how they are? I may even get a new entire set. I have the blue one from XTRAIN and it still feels very tight for me, so I was just wondering how anyone feels about them. I want ones from...
  8. firemedic

    More firestick premix wrong times for Perfect30

    I noticed on the high impact and low impact, the times on the premixes do not match what is in the users guide. I also went back and checked all the premixes for lower and upper body and found those are also wrong. I'm assuming the users guide is correct so the times on the firestick are wrong.
  9. firemedic

    Firestick premix time error

    I just finished the Perfect30 Upper body Basic #7 premix. The time on my firestick says 53:27 but I think everywhere else it has it listed at around 42 mins. Not a big deal, just thought I would give a heads up. I see that some people are having issues with quality. I've done 2 main workouts...
  10. firemedic

    Upper body + Upper body bonus + Extended Stretch

    Just finished this one and my arms are still shaking, esp. my triceps. At around 42 mins, my whole upper body feels great. I like that the upper body bonus isn't put in at the end, she mixed each bonus exercise with the body part you are doing at the time. Some are at the end of the segment and...
  11. firemedic

    icons in workout manager

    Anyone else's icons for Perfect 30 not showing up in the workout manager??? I've cleared out everything 3 different times now and the icon still doesn't come up. That usually works for me.
  12. firemedic

    Anyone have Polar A370

    I just purchased it and have a few questions. I prefer to ask them here because I know I'll get better answers. Does this pair the the H9 chest strap? If so, do you find it's better to have the chest strap? I tried one years ago and I had nothing but problems with it not keeping my heart rate...
  13. firemedic

    Workout Manager not working

    It's Saturday afternoon and I was wondering if anyone else is having issues with the workout manager? I cannot get anything to load on the page. I've been trying for a while now and have cleared everything in my computer and even restarted my computer. I'll keep trying.
  14. firemedic

    Chapter issue with Fit Split Push Day

    I had just finished a workout and wanted to do the weight section only of the Push Day. I use Firestick and went to that dvd. After hitting play, I went to the chapter that starts the weight section. Instead of bringing me there, it started at some cardio section. I went out, cleared everything...
  15. firemedic

    Favorites on Firestick

    The firestick Live app is still having issues with favorites. Some days mine are there and other days, like today, they are not. I was wondering when or if this issue will ever be fixed? I've cleared everything and forced stop and still didn't have my list today. Thanks. Kim
  16. firemedic

    So happy to have premixes and the blender

    With what's going on now, I'm so happy to have the option of doing shorter workouts. To make sure I'm not sitting too long, I'm doing 3-4 shorter workouts and taking my dogs out more. I'm hoping that this will help make the days go by faster. Hope everyone stays safe.
  17. firemedic

    Error found in blender premix for XTRAIN Legs

    I found an error on one of the XTRAIN Legs premixes. It's the premix with just Standing + Ball & Chair. You did not put the Inner Thigh Supine Ball Squeeze, instead there is 2 rounds of the Prone Frog Squeeze. Just thought I would let you know since I did not see this in the other premixes.
  18. firemedic

    Firestick issues with Live

    I know you are still working on things with the new apps, but since yesterday, I can no longer log out of my live app on my firestick. I just wanted to make you aware of the issue. I've cleared everything and I even uninstalled and re installed the app and I still cannot log out.
  19. firemedic

    Cannot get Live on Firestick

    About 10:30 this morning, I logged into Live with my firestick and none of the Live videos would come up on the screen. I waited and nothing. I tried my favorites and nothing was there either. So I logged out, cleared the date and catche and forced stop. I logged back in and still nothing. Just...
  20. firemedic

    Tennis Elbow anyone??

    I just found out I have tennis elbow and it's never happened to me before. Dr says no lifting or any other activity that aggravates it for 2 weeks. If anyone has had this, can I do resistance bands? I cannot imagine not lifting for 2 weeks but if I have to then I will. I just don't want to get...