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  1. ReneePruitt

    Ice 2

    Hey Cathe.. wondering if u can do a new series that is ICE2 or XTrain 2 and add in one extra dvd of a step workout like mega step, or the step u have with step blast? That would be nice. I love how the ice is set up with so many add on but also good for intermediate so I can take one day that...
  2. ReneePruitt

    Another step dvd!

    Cathe I know you are not into the step as before. But my fav workouts are cardio and weights dvd, low impact circuit, party rocking step 1 and 2 and body max 2, low max, and low impact challenge from the lis! Now I have done all your DVDs and well I really wish to get more like the ones I...
  3. ReneePruitt

    New dvds

    I would love to have more step like the cardio portion of low impact circuit. The cardio is fun and not to difficult to get, but it gives me a good sweat. I also liked body max 2 cardio it was fun and fun music with both of these! Another DVD I wish you would do is Metabolic weight training...
  4. ReneePruitt

    Metabolic weight training

    I really love ICE and my fav out of all them is MWT! I usually move the Kickboxing ones and I do love that one, but MWT is one that I can do when my knee hurts! No jumping but I really do get a good sweat on! And if I decide to do more I can add on the blast section and it is even harder! I...
  5. ReneePruitt

    Need more step please

    I know, I know!! You are tired of hearing it? Lol I really love your step DVD's I am kind of wearing them out and I have all of them. That being said can u do one that is like low impact cardio part with the green suit and low impact step with red shirt and low max? That would be nice to have...
  6. ReneePruitt

    Step DVD

    Hi Cathe I love ICE! I really like how it is set up for the intensity to be intermediate but also advanced!! I would love it if you will consider doing a couple more DVDs like this concept but step aerobics? I love your step DVDs but would love some new ones that are long enough to burn some fat...
  7. ReneePruitt

    New Workouts

    Hi Cathe!! I was wondering if you can give us any updates on the workouts? I thought you had mentioned they would be ready at the end of summer? Or was it end of fall? I can't remember for sure but I thought it was summer. Okay my next question is can you tell us if we will be able to have...
  8. ReneePruitt

    Step n motion

    Hi there! I saw on YouTube you have step n motion ! Well I go to the web and it says it is a down load. Is there any chance you would consider putting this on dvd? I'd really love to have a copy of this! Music sounded cool and I'd love to try it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. ReneePruitt

    Hysterectomy and weight gain

    I know a lot of people may not want to say what they have had and it may be to personal. But I am going to get a hysterectomy in January. It is up to me if I am wanting the ovaries removed or not. I have been reading about hormones and all and what happens when the ovaries are removed. But I...
  10. ReneePruitt

    Greatest hit?

    I there to Cathe or whomever! I would love to have a greatest hits DVD that has KPC cardio and HS And the ROKO on one DVD ! I really love coming home and getting in a quick jog but some days weather won't permit or the days turn dark to fast. Well the HS cardio section really gives me that same...
  11. ReneePruitt

    New workout music

    Hello Cathe I know it may be to early to say. However I was curious as to if you were going to be asking about suggestions for music again like you did for Xtrain? It was so exciting to hear a song that you suggested when ya first do the DVD. Anyway just wondering if maybe you have almost...
  12. ReneePruitt


    Has anyone tried the UFC workouts? And also tap out xt I'd love to see what others felt as far as fun an effective?
  13. ReneePruitt

    Premix missing?

    Hi there, I am looking for the premix easiest to the hardest on the Tabata DVD? Maybe someone has asked this already but i have not found the answer I was looking at the premises in the description and could no wait to try this one but when i go to do it i cant find it. I counted even to the...
  14. ReneePruitt

    Have you ever heard

    Of when you lift weights (heavy) or moderate weights bruising occurs? I can tell you I am not hitting my self with the weight so that isn't it. It happens a lot lately. I'll find bruising around the arms here and there like under the arm tricep area and biceps. It's just strange cause everyone...
  15. ReneePruitt

    Anyone out there?

    Hello all! I know all of u are enjoying the holidays today but I was wondering if anyone was out there cared to keep cheating on here? Lol I am having a day to where I am trying to occupy my mind and I love reading the threads here. But it seems everyone is not posting and I understand why but...
  16. ReneePruitt

    Looking for check in

    Hi I am looking for a check in kind of new, but now I don't see it. I was one with just your workouts you do that day and I don't see it or remember the name of it. Does anyone remember this or know the name of it? It seems like a good idea right now for me
  17. ReneePruitt

    phone app stop

    Hi Cathe or anyone, I have Cathe app on my phone but it stop working all the sudden, it has done this before but I deleted it and put it back and it is fine usually. But this time I did it and I cant find it in the app store, it says not available in the US? :confused: what is going on? has...
  18. ReneePruitt

    Anyone try any new workouts?

    I saw only one person say there DVDs arrived. I was wondering dd anyone else? What are your reviews on them? I'd love to know about rock out knockout
  19. ReneePruitt

    Shoe in HS

    Hi Cathe I know you get this alot about what u are warring in a video and I know Rykas usually but I am asking about Hard strikes in particular, which Rykas was it? And was it even Rykas ? They had a pink bottom. Also are those good and cushiony?
  20. ReneePruitt


    Did a newsletter go out today? I have not gotten one so far. Just checking maybe they are not doing one this week?