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    Roku or Fire - Tell me about it

    Hello Cathletes, help me out here. Are you telling me that all 177 premixes in the Lite series are on Roku or Fire - Cathe OnDemand? That seems pretty incredible, and you can add your own premixes? Certainly that can't be right? Where have I been? Weigh in, please!
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    Fit Tower & heavy bag questions

    How much weight can you use with barbell on the fit tower barbell clips? and does anyone know of a glove you can use with the heavy bag that doesn't require hands wraps, or is there a quick wrap wrist support to use with boxing mitts? Preferred mitts? Thanks
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    Programs you've always wanted to do, but have never done.

    Top three for me, in this order are: 1. Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide - always want to, but never do, a perennial favorite. 2. Dasha Libin's Kettlebell Kickboxing - Body Series, Scorcher, and 7-Day lean, any or all, haven't done any of hers. 3. Lauren Brooks Be SLAM - Catch myself wanting to...
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    Womens UFC

    Anyone follow women's UFC? I found the whole Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holms fascinating but missed the latest title bout? Anyone watch it live?
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    Look what's for Breakfast!

    I fell pretty far off the healthy food truck for a while, not proud of it but, as a goal, thinking it's time for a comeback. I flooded myself with Healthy food blogs & exposés, like Hungry for Change, and finally got some much needed motivation. Today's breakfast looked like this (I boiled the...
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    Best of 2015

    Winners & losers for 2015? What are your favorites from this year, or new to you this year? After discovering Zumba this year, I'd have to say that was the big winner, even though now they have the stocking stuffer size boxes at the big box store, glad I found it when I did. Back later with a...
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    Strong Lifts 5 X 5 or Starting Strength Aficionados?

    Anyone ever follow either of these protocols for barbell training? Always seems like such an efficient way to strength train. If so, what were your results over time? Every so often I find myself drawn to pure lifting systems, not for bulk or body building, just sheer strength.
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    Hard & Heavy ?

    What do you consider a heavy weight workout? or heavy weights? for women? for men? Tonique or P57, which is harder & why? What level would you consider these workouts? Anyone combine heavy weights & Tonique or P57?
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    Jillian Michaels Bodyshred

    Anyone bite on the new lower priced Jillian Michaels Bodyshred program? Have any VFers been in the advertisements for it? Reviewed it? Some of those pics & comments look like they might be from VFers! You guys really do videos, imagine that. Does anyone know why there aren't any other blog...
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    Well, I have only one thing to say to that...

    Quit your moaning.
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    Anyone tried a Live Bodyshred class?

    Wondering if any of our Canadian Cathletes have tried out Bodyshred at a gym? Anyone interested in teaching Bodyshred classes? Any one in the USA? I'm on week five of the DVD program, I've never taken fitness classes at a club but this one, if it's similar to the DVds, would be a goodie. I...
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    Cats Know it All...Celebrating National Cat Day

    What? Cats Know it all
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    Power of 10 - How slow can you go?

    I've recently been inspired by the practice of slow lifting, has anyone done this type of regime for an extended period of time, I'm thinking it would go great with body weight calisthenics or even yoga. I was looking for something to pair with yoga, mainly because it takes a long time for yoga...
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    Dasha Libin - 7 Day Lean

    I haven't tried any of the Kettlebell Kickboxing, a little too frenetic for me ATM, I do think this new series is very interesting with all the mobility & bodyweight exercises, I'm about as bendy as a pitchfork. Thoughts? Yay or nay.
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    Best comment on another site:

    Topic - Favorite warm ups. One poster said she always wished Cathe would put out a DVD of just her warm ups, they're the best. I like them too. That would make a terrific greatest hits DVD. Cathe's warm ups. I agree, even when I'm doing other workouts it would be great to have DVD with...
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    Rockout Knockout Heavy Bag bonus

    In the heavy bag bonus of Rockout Knockout, there are burpees you do on your gloved hands, are regular boxing gloves supportive enough for that? mine are light weight neoprene which are okay for the workout but I can't bring myself to rely on them to do the burpees, is this because my wrists...
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    Just how much are you lifting?

    In a recent Art of Strength - Minute of Strength, called Resolution Revisited Anthony Diluglio goes through a workout and calculates the total amount of weight for the workout. Does anyone do this with their Cathe workouts? I can't remember where I had seen that before, but thought maybe...
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    Lean Legs & Abs + bonus barre premix - Review

    This clocks in at just over 60 minutes, but it really didn't seem that long at all. Great warm up hitting the legs with lots of angles and light moves like you'll do in the workout. Starting with the compound legs banner, right into overhead press and squat, forward lean lunges, back...
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    OMG Rockout Knockout clip is up!

    oooh that's a goodie. :D I have two words for you...SHIP IT! Thanks for the clip. I will be working out to the previews until they arrive.
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    It's countdown time...What to do?

    so the pre-sale is going to end in a few short days, the 9th, and I'm still on the fence. While the new ones all look like something I'd like to have, and I haven't bought a Cathe set for a while, what would you do? -Buy the new set. (has everything I like less spin, no bike) -Get Xtrain...