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  1. lorrayne

    Today's date

    My Dad just reminded me that throughout most of the world, today's date is 8 Sept 2010, or 8.9.10 ! :D
  2. lorrayne

    Safe travels everyone!

    Whether it's plane, train, or automobile, please have a safe trip to Coronado. See you all tomorrow! :D
  3. lorrayne

    Weekend weather forecast

    Forecast for this weekend is sunny with the high from low to mid 60s. Lows will be in the 50s. However, I would dress in layers as you never know; it may be in the mid to upper 70s on the coast. I'm seeing conflicting weather reports... Please don't be alarmed if it's cloudy and looks like...
  4. lorrayne

    Where is everyone meeting on Friday?

    Where is everyone meeting prior to walking over to registration? I should be there by 2:00 and hope to meet up with road trippers prior to event. :D See you on Friday!!!
  5. lorrayne

    a couple items to pack

    Now that it's a month away, I thought it may be helpful to add to what's already been provided to you in the packing list... Remember that southern California is a desert. That means that we have a dry heat in the summer. In the winter, that means that the temp will feel much colder due to...
  6. lorrayne

    Buying VitaMix at Costco?

    Hi, I'm interested in purchasing a VitaMix. Is the one offered at Costco the correct one to purchase? It's the Vita-Mix 5200...
  7. lorrayne

    Tips to make going through airport security easier

    Taken from TSA Travel Tips: Be prepared for screening. Passengers should keep in mind a few simple steps to security. Show valid government-issued ID and boarding pass. Take out liquids (in a baggie) and laptops. Take off shoes and jackets...
  8. lorrayne

    Forearm endurance question

    Hi Cathe, How long does it take before the endurance in the forearm kicks in? I was quickly losing strength in my forearms while doing the deadlifts in disc 15. Any advise regarding average time it takes to build in the endurance? I hope it doesn't take too long as my forearms were still...
  9. lorrayne

    2 week rest period instead of 1?

    Hi Cathe, I have a question regarding the wonderful rest week between meso cycles. I will complete meso cycle 2 prior to being on a 2 week vacation. Upon my return, do I go immediately into meso cycle 3 or should I repeat week 4 (3, 2, 1) of meso cycle 2? Thanks and am really enjoying STS...
  10. lorrayne

    Cat People...I need help with High Step marking

    I just discovered this mornign that my High Step was "marked" by one of my cats. Any idea of how to remove all traces of cat urine in plastic? Or is it a lost cause? :(:(:( Thanks for any tips and advise. Lorrayne
  11. lorrayne

    Safe Travels, August Trippers!

    I wish you all a safe trip to Deptford/Glassboro these next couple of days. It appears that the weather will be cooperating with us, so let's keep our fingers crossed that there will be little to no delays for planes, trains, and automobiles. :D See you all on Friday! Happy packing! Lorrayne
  12. lorrayne

    ATTN: August Trippers flying US Airways

    As a reminder, US Airways is now charging $1 for coffee and $2 for water, juice, and soda. Be sure to stock up on your beverages before you board the plane. I'd rather pay a couple of dollars for a 16 oz bottle of water in the local airport gift shop than $2 for 6 oz of water on board the...
  13. lorrayne

    Safe journey, July trippers!

    I wanted to wish everyone a safe trip as they begin their journey to New Jersey. I can't believe Friday is in a few days! :rolleyes: See you soon! Lorrayne
  14. lorrayne

    Suggested Road Trip Packing Tips

    As promised, here is the long awaited packing tips. These will also be e-mailed out to you with other items. However, I know many of you really want to see this list now. :-) Please note that we have updated last year's packing list to reflect some airline policy changes in addition to...
  15. lorrayne

    US Airways changes - beverage and luggage charge

    Head's up for those of you flying US Airways. The beverage charge will only affect August road trippers.... First checked bag fee US Airways also will charge a first checked bag fee of $15 for tickets booked on or after July 9, 2008. Preferred members will be exempt from paying the first...
  16. lorrayne

    United charge for first checked bag

    If you are traveling on or after August 18, 2008 on an Economy ticket or Economy award ticket purchased on or after June 13, 2008, a $15 service fee will apply for your first checked bag. Also a $25 fee will apply for a second checked bag, depending on when you purchased your ticket and when you...
  17. lorrayne

    Happy Birthday Tess_ATL

    Hope you eat everything in sight today, Tess. ;-) Hope you have a wonderful and happy birthday!!! :D Lorrayne
  18. lorrayne

    American Airlines to charge $15 for first checked bag

    Hi, If you haven't booked your flight, now is the time to do it. This increase does not apply to anyone who books a ticket before June 15th! I am guessing that other airlines will post something similar soon. Here's what was posted on AA's website: Customers who purchase domestic...
  19. lorrayne

    San Diego Get Together

    Hi, Any chance to get together next Saturday (24th) instead of June 7th? Cheesecake Factory in Fashion Valley Mall still works for me. Thanks! Lorrayne
  20. lorrayne


    Trippers, For those of you who have booked with ATA, please look at this link for information regarding refund of your future travel: Lorrayne