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    Workout calendars for the computer challenged...

    Happy New Year, y'all! Thought I would share this site for those of you who are not really savvy when it comes to designing calendars and such on your computer. (My husband had made me a blank one on Excel that all I had to do was fill in, but it got lost when we changed computers). I used...
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    Wanna be a fitness star?

    Have y'all seen this? I know there are some pretty buff gals out there....who is going to be the Next Fitness Personality?? Julie
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    "World's Healthiest Foods"

    Thought I would share a website for some healthy recipes: Julie
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    Paypal users...another spamming

    I suppose with the holidays coming we may begin to see a lot of this stuff again: Just wanted to give a heads-up that there is another fraud attempt going on using Paypal again. This time the e-mail says it confirms that "you have added so & so to your account". If you get one, obviously don't...
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    Midsection Myth??

    Hey folks, I would sure like to hear your opinions on this one. On page 77 of the December issue of OXYGEN magazine, it says: "5 midsection myths debunked: #2. Suck in your stomach. Holding in your stomach (when performing ab exercises) actually prevents a complete contraction." Do...