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    When did w/o pants suddenly become so LONG?

    Another shortie here commiserating - I only wear shorts or knee length workout pants. Rarely do I find anything short enough, but have had some luck at Marshall's. I can also get away with wearing girls' sizes because I have no hips: Just found this while looking at Champion - 30" inseam...
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    $8,365!! Need help justifying the the RT?

    What does this price tag mean, exactly? How was this figure reached?
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    Q about cosmetic tattooing?

    Heh, I'm personally toying with this myself. Same story - overzealous plucking in teen years to follow the trend! My SIL has had it done with great results, my mom's and MIL's so-so, the girl at my facial place's results are not impressive. My SIL looked for a tatoo-er for a while before...
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    Need Reassurance About Vitamix Purchase

    LOL, i bought the Blendtec from Costco and i had the same buyer's remorse - but, as often as we've used it, we've probably paid for it many times over in the 3 years we've owned it. We used to spend almost $5 each on smoothies at Jamba Juice for a family of four - that adds up really quick...
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    favorite eyecream

    I used to be a big fan of Paula, but seriously, what qualifications does she have besides working at a high-end cosmetics counter? I may be wrong, but I don't think she does. I've read several articles in which dermatologists recommend to use creams especially formulated for the eyes because...
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    Where do you store your equipment?

    Hmm, i thought of getting wicker basket, cutting out the bottom and plating it over the dummbell rack . . . I like the DB towers linked on other threads here. I have a very compact one but I ALWAYS pinch my fingers getting the weights off - it's TOO compact. Thanks to everyone for their input!
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    How do you fit it all into each week?

    Hmmm, that's interesting you would choose to increase your cardio. I've gone the other way - decreased my cardio, lift heavy and have been able to keep my bodyfat in check with minimal effort, even though my daily activity has DECREASED (have a full-time desk-jocky job now). My weekly...
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    PT for my baby....

    I would stop immediately. You are receiving conflicting advice from doctors who are saying the PT is not necessary. My DD had a lot of bloodwork done when she was only a week old. Blood was drawn from her many times per day and she would just scream and scream until she couldn't scream...
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    Where do you store your equipment?

    I do not have an exercise room. I had good intentions of exercising in my son's room when he's not at home, but he always has some stuff on the floor and I do not feel like cleaning it up every time I need to exercise! I'm thinking I should exercise in my livingroom - I can cushion the...
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    Help... 19 mos old wont take her meds!!!!

    Oh, this just brought back terrible memories !! We couldn't disguise it in anything because our DD was allergic to almost to every food. The only thing that worked for us (oral steroids) was to restrain her and hold her nose. I'm so sorry you are going through this!
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    Newsletter fired me up!

    I've been lifting heavy at the gym for a while since I don't have heavy weights at home. I also struggled with a 40 lb barbell for the longest time! I think what actually helped me get stronger was two-fold: (1) stay in the 6-8 rep range (3 sets) with single arm DB rows and single arm...
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    The 200+ Club.....Really?

    Oh, no, there is no way you are burning only 163 calories for running 46 minutes!!! I don't know why, but it would seem there is something wonky with your HRM for JUST running, which is very odd. Our bodies become more efficient to an activity and, therefore, burn slightly fewer calories...
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    The 200+ Club.....Really?

    112toGuru - What are you using to track your calorie burn? How much do you weigh? I've read from numerous sources that you pretty much burn 100 calories per mile whether you walk OR run. The difference is the after-burn - you continue to burn calories at a higher rate after you stop...
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    Dead Poet's Society!

    How funny - my 14-year old son just watched this a few weeks ago in his class. It's one of my favorites, incredibly moving. After he finished the movie he said "It was SO SAD!!!!! I wanted to cry, but didn't want to in class." LOL, so cute.
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    The Great Body Fat Debate

    Sorry, but I'm from the "calories in < calories out = fat loss" camp. I believe that you are burning more calories because you are able to work harder without the impact of running in your Kangaroos (SO COOL!!!) Nothing burns more calories than running (aside from rowing - where both back...
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    GHD Straightener

    GHD for $119.99 at Costco, baby!|589|54173&N=4045783&Mo=23&pos=2&No=3&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=54173&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&ec=BC-EC3418-Cat589&topnav= I got the Solia from
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    Hunger Games and Age Appropriateness

    I haven't read all 3, just the first but I loved this book, especially because of the strong female character. I recommended it to my DD (almost 12) but she's not a big reader anyway. I will have to set a reading time for her and encourage her to read it. One of her friends LOVED it. I...
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    My DD may have scoliosis - anyone dealing with this?

    Oh, Joan, I'm so sorry! How old is your son? Please keep us posted. I will post again when we get results of the x-ray.
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    30/40 minutes really enough????

    I run for 30-40 mins 2 or 3X and week and lift heavy upper body weights 2X per week for 30 mins and I am at the smallest I've ever been. I used to work out at least an hour 6 days per week. I've come to realize that for ME, more does not necessary equal "better." I also don't eat as much as...
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    My DD may have scoliosis - anyone dealing with this?

    Thank you so much for your response. I do feel better! We'll know more after her x-rays tomorrow.