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  1. buffettgirl

    <—-goodbye to another Cathlete

    <——waves to bayerngirl and tells her everyone is a member of the OAL <——was hoping SRP would see this thread
  2. buffettgirl

    <—-goodbye to another Cathlete

    <——was so sorry to hear of the passing of another friend to cancer <——will always remember the sassy Ms NancyFancyPants <——joins other long ago Order of the Arrow friends in mourning <——shuffles off to sit quietly and remember Nancy, Carola, Gin, and Vickie
  3. buffettgirl


    Cat I remember. Lime cat.....not so sure. Could you jog <--- memory?
  4. buffettgirl

    Sad day - need to stop lifting weights

    (((Shannon)))) miss you! Sorry about your woes.
  5. buffettgirl

    Who's In??

    Lucky number 68 here. This will be my 3rd RT, all in Glassboro. Can't wait to greet old friends and meet new!
  6. buffettgirl

    Anyone Still Here From Early 2000's?

    Used to be here everyday, almost all day. Rarely stop by at all anymore. :(
  7. buffettgirl

    Crazy Day Comes to a Close

    Thaks Jann. Sigh, I think that puts me in the category of despair. :(
  8. buffettgirl

    Crazy Day Comes to a Close

    Is there a magic number i can subtract from the wait list number I got yesterday afternoon, before corrections were made, to give me a more realistic idea of wether I should hope or despair?
  9. buffettgirl

    Coach Sean! :(

    :( Such sad news.
  10. buffettgirl


    What everyone else said ^^^^^. :D
  11. buffettgirl

    <---if we weren't all crazy,we would go insane

    <---just had to let someone know she just got tickets to see Jimmy in June
  12. buffettgirl

    <--but I learned to be cool from you

    <---apologizes to Shelley for not seeing the FIRST day of The Return of the OAL <---and also for not noticing her start to the OAL today <---thinks Wendy ought to buy stock in Chuck's place <---imagines Wendy's tot will soon be to old for Chuck though <---sees him moving on the fast cars and hot...
  13. buffettgirl

    <--but I learned to be cool from you

    <---thinks 2 days in a row for the OAL may be more than can be hoped for <---will toss it out there and see if there are any bites <---has a day off today <---adds that it is full of fun chores like grocery shopping, laundry and housework <---is looking for volunteers to come help dust and...
  14. buffettgirl

    <--- Now everybody throw your hands in the air...

    <---waves wildly at the OAL thread <---never thought she'd see one again <---has been crazy busy at work and rarely has time to scan the forums anymore <---would MAKE time for the arrow folks! <---didn't wear a lick of green today <---will be celebrating St Vartan Mamilonian Day instead...
  15. buffettgirl

    Congrats, Chicago Marathon Finishers!

    You two are so inspirationally tough. I wanna be like you ladies when I grow up.:D
  16. buffettgirl

    Happy Friday!!!

    Thanks for the Friday afternoon smiles, Liann.
  17. buffettgirl

    Just a reminder...

    ((Debbie)) It never rains but it pours. I have to remind myself frequently to count my many blessings, name them one by one. Then I realize that there are too many to list. Family, friends, health, good job, home, food (too much of that!) etc etc. And time, because it does heal. MWAH.
  18. buffettgirl

    Self Sabatoge

    Are you a member of one of the check-ins? Sometimes it helps when you have to be accountable to someone other than yourself....
  19. buffettgirl

    Honeymoon ideas??

    Christy, when we got married, DH and I had NO money, so we saved for a year and took our "honeymoon" later. You could always go somewhere close and romantic for just a couple days as your honeymoon and take your Caribbean dream vacation in the depths of winter, when you will appreciate the warm...
  20. buffettgirl

    Braggin' on my Daughter

    Wow, Elsie. Good for her! Has she run any other 5K's? Sounds like she has a natural talent. I hope she continues.