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    Video Clip of Cathe's Standing Legs Live Workout

    Wow, that looks like a Top Ten Live of All Time. All your best leg moves in 1 workout, and all standing is a nice change. So fun to have extra guests joining. Where can I get my hands on one of those tie dyed Cathlete shirts? The color and brightness of those shirts perfectly capture...
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    STS 2.0 Update

    The wait time is worth it. Nothing this amazing happens quickly. It is going to be a sweaty, strong masterpiece. Appreciate all your efforts and attention to detail as usual, Cathe!
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Fit 400: Upper Body Blast Live Workout

    It's always a good day at Live when there are balloons and Al in the house!!!
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    No CatheLIVE June 15, 2022

    Sad to hear you feel ill! You are always missed, but are definitely supported in taking some much needed rest and recovery time. Sending well wishes!
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    Adjustable Dumbbells : Suggestions???

    Congrats, Hazlady! I hope you love your PBs as much as I have loved mine (I'm sure you will!).
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    Adjustable Dumbbells : Suggestions???

    Power Blocks. I've had mine for 15 years and they are still going strong. Mine go to 90lbs and increase by 2.5lb increments. When I bought they did have 50lb sets available. Will say I have no idea what the price point is these days but they are definitely an investment that have held value...
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    So glad Cathe doesn’t use kettlebells!

    I also disagree with the OP. I wish Cathe offered Kettlebell workouts! Done with proper form and technique, Kettlebell moves are incredible for core strength!
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    Slow and Heavy Series still being used?

    You made the right choice @Debinmi :D Enjoy!
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Warrior Kickboxing 2 Live Workout

    @garance , I substitute planks if I want to work core, or lat pull downs with rubber tubing or a band, or donkey kicks or fire hydrants to hit that upper glute area and core stabilization. I never ever do Supermans because, for my own back situation, they are dangerous and contraindicated...
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    Beachbody question

    @firemedic , my personal experience with Autumn, and many of the BB instructors, is that their form is terrible (like inviting an injury) and their chattering becomes irritating. I couldn't get through 1 week of 80 Day Obsession for these reasons. Having trained with Cathe for almost 20 years...
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    Prolapsed urethra and exercise

    I 100% recommend Dr Bri Grogan, she is a pelvic floor physical therapist with a website and YouTube channel. She has a tremendous amount of free content, but if you want a step by step approach, I recommend her Lift program, available for purchase on her website. That program helped me become...
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    New Series??

    This sounds FANTASTIC!!! I am jumping for joy!
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    Exclusively Weights

    This sounds FANTASTIC!!! Jumping for joy!
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    Advice on treadmill belt width.

    @Hazlady my feet also turn out when I walk so I opted for a wider belt when purchasing my treadmill. I believe mine is 20 inches wide but 18 would probably be suitable. I just knew if I went too narrow I would be obsessing over for placement and staying upright (not tripping!). I didn't...
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    Oct 21, 2021

    Love the KB Lives! Bring on the heavy bag
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    Favorite Water Bottle

    Oh no! That smell situation would be unpleasant. I will monitor for that. Thanks for the heads up, firemedic. I agree that things just don't seem to have the same quality as they used to. Maybe it's better just to buy the cheap stuff from the get go, since even expensive products often...
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    Favorite Water Bottle

    Thank you for the suggestions @snowlover and @sneakers! I am going with a Hydroflask with a straw lid. The Nalgene options look good but I need the convenience of a straw. The Hydroflasks are pricey so good to know they can last 9 years!
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    Favorite Water Bottle

    Refreshing this thread because I need a portable water bottle to motivate me to drink water throughout the day. What water bottle are the cool kids using these days? :) Lisa
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    foam rollers

    I don't know that there is a "best" length. Mine is 36 inches long and high density. It has worked well for my needs. I have used it for foam rolling routines on video, and also my chiropractor has given me specific foam rolling exercises to use that require the 36 inch. I have toyed with...