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    Cast for Xtrain

    If there had to be some guys...I am partial to ChANNING tATUM;)
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    Cathe summer RT dates.

    Hi Cathe or SNM I know this is rather early but would you happen to have the dates of your summer RT in NJ yet? The reason I ask is that I am hoping to come from Canada and I need to know as soon as possible to plan for my vacation. There are a group of Catheletes on a check-in and we are...
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    how heavy r your dumbells for sts?

    Calculate 1$ apound..thats what the generall sell for! also baragin him down a little..:) You might need up to 40 for the back...i have never reacher 50 but what a great goal!
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    How to do chinup/pullups!!!

    When I strted P90x the first time i used the bands attached to the bar and felt great...Second time around I used the chair... The chair assisted are way harder...If you want to make it even harder use the assist of your toes on the way up and on the way down go SLOWLY without any assist. work...
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    For those who celebrate Christmas...

    Santa comes to the house after church on Christmas eve to personally give out the gifts....then Christmas morning under the tree there are more that Santa Forgot;)
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - December

    Jules: I betcha you feel great after that break! Well girls i am an the home stretch...meso 1 week 3 and 4 which i am trying to get done before jan 1st since i am going to Texas and don't want to be shlepping weights with me;) It will work out great going to do week 3 wed-thur-fri and the...
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    advice on workout gear

    Hi Natasha: Fellow Canadian here...I LOVE my Gap Bodyfit sexy booty pants, capris etc. I am a pe teacher and they hold up super well. I get balck ones when they are on sale and they are my uniform. You can get them on the gapcanada site. wait til they have a 40% or a sale and you can...
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    STS Strength Volume 2

    I would second that! I would drop the guys though... I thought they lifted less than the women some of the time;)
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - December

    Good morning everyone! Jules: enjoy Cleanmax really need your rest days i find in sts.. it creeps up on you when you don' feel great then all of a sudden you crash.. Well at least thats what happens to me. BTW thank you again for steering me towards sts:D Brenda: sorry...
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    A Simple Recipe: Mix 1 part Workout with 2 parts Nutrition

    Hey helen! No thread really i just put in my comments...we are all pretty bad on mfp of keeping to a thread..its easier to just post stuff. You have to friend the other Cathe gals..I just started a month ago and i have to say it really keeps me going..lots of silliness;) I am so jealous...
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - December

    hey Jules Well for meso 1 I have decided ...drum roll please.... I did the 3 discs this weekend friday, sat (legs and back) Today i did lis total body tri-sets...both upper and lower..tomorrow cardio...wednesday..either tbtris or hi-reps...or.... Belinda Congrats on the house...
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    A Simple Recipe: Mix 1 part Workout with 2 parts Nutrition

    Hey Helen: congrats again on the weight loss..I hadn't realised you had that much in 2 weeks! Thats awesome..I totally hear you on the chocolate covered pretzels...they are my idea of perfection during got your salt, your chocolate and carbs...Perfection in one bite! On MFP I...
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - December

    Hey Jules: Way to go on that work out..You actually made it seem like fun! Sorry about your you have sick kiddy karma..hopefully it will go away when they hit 7 or 8;) I had an idea for my meso 1 situation..insatead of doing it 6x a week..I want to bang out 1-2-3 lets say...
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - December

    Good Afternoon all... Well I am on the home strech ladies...i can feel the end is near!!!! Today I started week 1 of meso do i hate push-ups:mad: I used to love them before i started sts...:p I am still on the fence about doing it 6x a week...I skipped it on meso 2...
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    A Simple Recipe: Mix 1 part Workout with 2 parts Nutrition

    Helen: What is your name on myfitness pal...there are a whole bunch of us catheletes having a blast during the day on there!!! you must join us...its really fun and well really fun! I am steph__arena look me up and friend me if you want. We sort of try and motivate each other and give each...
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - December

    I was going to ask you when we start up again to get rock hard for summer????;) I am thinking maybe Rock hard bottoms feb 2011 rotation or maybe one of the ones jules mentioned to hel0p melt off my layers of lard...(having a fat day:mad:)
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - December

    Hey Jules! I am on my rest week and sort of liking it...I miss my weights...really weird since I used to love cardio.. Today I did Hiit 40-20 and followed up by LIS lower body trisets with no weights... One more meso left and my pyramid is complete!
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    A Simple Recipe: Mix 1 part Workout with 2 parts Nutrition

    Jane: Muchos gracias for the hugs...needed them.. I really enjoy Turbo Barre as well...not to girlie and I love the feeling after! Sorry the deer won this weekend;)
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    A Simple Recipe: Mix 1 part Workout with 2 parts Nutrition

    Good afternoon Girls! I was seriously disappointed to know you gals don't shop! We have much else in common :) Helen: Isn't being the PE teacher the BEST???? My students are impressed by me as well...It helps keep them in line when i show them my kickboxing moves...;) I am glad you...
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    STS Pyramid Challenge - November

    Brenda have you tried the new LIS total body trisets lower body premix? I have been doing it every second day to help thin my man legs out...It loses 15 max with 16 reps... So I do one meso 2 leg workout and every day or second day i do that... overtraining in the hopes of reducing