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    Kettlebellin' on Turkey Day!

    Good Morning! I'm all done with my marathon workout: 4 chinups Banish Fat Boost Metabolism - used 2# weights on kickboxing circuits Core Fusion Glutes & Thighs - Turned Out Thigh, Standing Gluteal Toner and Kneeling Gluting Toner Extra long walk with Max Burned a total of 677...
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    Let's Go Friday!!!

    Good Morning! I didn't have a great morning. Got up late and had trouble breathing but I attempted to do my workout. Did the pullup challenge: 2/1/1/1/ Last set was supposed to be 2 but I would up doing 3/4 and 1/2. I probably should have taken more rest before I attempted the last set...
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    Nancy324 and anyone else who eats Cliff or Luna Bars

    Here's a warning from the FDA: Marcy
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    Is Plyo Legs in Mesocycle 3?

    I am seriously thinking about cancelling but really wanted Plyo Legs and Ab Circuits. I might just want Meso 3 since I much prefer heavy lifting. Also, is Plyo Legs all on one DVD or it spread out throughout the Mesocycle? Marcy
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    Squeeze Stronger clip up at Collage! Marcy
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    Let's Go -- Tuesday!

    Good Morning! I managed to get in the mood yesterday to work out. I did Pure Barre - just planks, pushups, legs & abs (that's pretty much the whole workout except for 8 mins of arms in the beginning). Great workout and my legs were shaking! Today I did Patrick Goudeau's Hard Work...
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    Let's Go Friday!

    Hi Ladies! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. First, my mouse wasn't working, then my keyboard wasn't working. Yesterday I did D. Swenson's Primary Series again this week. Made some improvements. Got through the whole thing. Had good balance on one leg with other leg up in the air and to...