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  1. fit_fairy

    SNM or anyone else who can answer

    I've noticed that when I do Cathe Live- the archived versions and I try to pause or rewind it knocks me back to the beginning. I am using an iPad with a HDMI connector to the TV and use the pause on the screen or the arrows to rewind. It's a bit frustrating and it takes some time for it to let...
  2. fit_fairy

    X Train Tee shirt

    Anyone else get an X Train tee that didn't activate with working out? I did a premix of IMAX 2 intervals 1-5. I was plenty sweaty but it didn't activate to show the message. I took a warm wet cloth after the workout and after wetting it several times it did show, but not well. At this rate I...
  3. fit_fairy

    We're in this together

    I thought I'd start us over. Each day is a do over for me anyway. I am have not done much for the last few days. The last time I swam was Wednesday. I've been up and down as usual. Life is complicated right now. My brother with MS has a new lesion on his MRI. DH totaled his car this...
  4. fit_fairy

    <--Where have all the cowboys gone

    <--where is my John Wayne,... <--just wanted to revive an ole favorite thread and say HEY!! <--what are all of you peeps up to these days??
  5. fit_fairy

    We're in this together

    Ok so I am getting us started today ladies. Wow, it's been a loooong time since I've participated in a check-in. Well, participate is a tenuous thing I suppose. I don't want to dwell on the past, just move forward. But to get you all up to speed I will give an update. You know my back...
  6. fit_fairy

    It's Friday!! Let's all do the hamster dance.
  7. fit_fairy

    Define Cyberstalking

    Just out of curiousity how do you define it. I certainly don't think one-starring a thread fits the bit. So what exactly is it??
  8. fit_fairy

    <--These are the best of times

    <--waves hello to OAL land <--sprinkles feel good fairy dust all over Cathe land <--got about 4 inches of snow last night <--not the big totals most are getting but still too much for me <--it is pretty though <--wonders what everyone is up to on this terrific Tuesday?
  9. fit_fairy

    Christine (AndTckrtoo)

    What's up? Don't see ya round these parts anymore???
  10. fit_fairy

    Does no one look at the EB tour forum anymore?

    Because there's been an announcement of sorts on there since Sunday night (at least I think that's when I noticed it) of when and where her next EB tour will be.
  11. fit_fairy

    gloves and band ?

    Any idea on when the new travel fit band and the new micro loaded wt gloves will be availabe? Thanks.
  12. fit_fairy

    Cathe give us a shout out from Daytona

    When you can let us know how it's going in the "Sunshine State" Hope you and the trippers are having a blast. Wish I were there :(
  13. fit_fairy

    Cathe give us a shout out from Daytona!!

    oops wrong forum
  14. fit_fairy

    Cathe, will you have a long sleeve Cathlete tee

    Please, please please :D I also would like to suggest a Cathlete coffee mug;)
  15. fit_fairy

    Cathlete coffee mug

    Ok, I know it's not a fitness product but I didn't know where else to put this. And I want one- LOL :D Maybe it could say Cathlete on one side and on the other have one of Cathe's unique quotes. Whadda think?
  16. fit_fairy


    Chris (I've always assumed that's you), I see you have an STS ticker. Is this your first round, second,..? How are you liking it?
  17. fit_fairy

    Nice job on Fox Business Cathe!!

    You looked great, you sounded great and came across warm yet professional. Congrats on getting your name out there and moving forward with your company!!
  18. fit_fairy

    <--Don't you forget about me

    <--waves good morning to Cathe land <--is relaxing and sipping java on a Friday morn <--ahhhhhhh <--will be getting the hair colored in a bit <--hopes to get in a workout later <--asks what are you fine ladies up to this morning?
  19. fit_fairy

    Cathe, I can not tell you how much fun I had

    We laughed till we cried and then some more. Now it's time to get back to the "real" world and I am not ready :( Thanks for all that you do to keep us motivated and working out!! Looking forward to doing it again :eek::eek:
  20. fit_fairy

    We are doing it all wrong!!