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  1. marnold

    iPad2 and Apple Digital AV cable

    Hello! I think I am ready to take the plunge and subscribe to Cathe Live. My DH and I looked it over last night and it appears that all I will need is the digital AV cable for my workout TV and my iPad2. My DH says that I do not need google chromecast nor apple tv. Is this right? Thanks in...
  2. marnold

    Workout Manager Calculations

    Good morning SNM! I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that many of the calculations in the Workout Manager are off since the big upgrade of late. Not complaining...just informing. An example is the number of workouts from the home page does not match the stats. Another example...
  3. marnold

    Calling ALL MEN! I need advice on men's shoes!

    I need to buy my DH some new athletic shoes and I am wondering what the men here at CatheLand wear for Cathe workouts. DH has flat feet and a rather large size...12! Bless his heart he refuses to buy anything but whatever is on sale at Wally World and I have decided that this is the best...
  4. marnold

    <---Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...

    <---thought we needed a little holiday cheer <---admits that this song is my personal fave :) <---wishes each of you a wonderful holiday and a happy new year <---wanted to do so before the hustle and bustle starts <---hopes each of you are doing okay and send hugs <---also sends huge doggie...
  5. marnold

    Calendar Problems?

    Is anyone else having sudden difficulty with marking a workout as complete on the calendar in the workout manager? I have a trouble ticket in to "help", but I am just curious if anyone else is having trouble? I have had absolutely no problems with the manager until right before...
  6. marnold

    FitnessFreak or any other Rotation GURU! HELP!

    Okay so the title is a little out of control, but seriously. I need some help creating a rotation for me and DH. Here are some things about me and DH: 1. We have both completed two 3.5 month rotations of STS (YEAH!) 2. We have all of Cathe's videos 3. We also have a recumbent bike and...
  7. marnold

    STS 3.5 SUMMER LADIES:8/30-9/5

    Hey Cathy! Well we made it through the weekend! :) We have an uber busy week with the roofers coming but we will make sure to get our workouts in. :) Saturday we both finished the Insanity Fit Test and Power Max. My heart rate monitor said that I burned 856 calories!:eek: Sunday we did...
  8. marnold

    Fox Business News Cathe Clip is up now.
  9. marnold

    Fox Business News Cathe Clip is up now.
  10. marnold

    STS 3.5 SUMMER LADIES:8/16/09-8/22/09 Rest

    Well Cathy, WE MADE IT! Meso 2 is history! WOW this one hit us harder than the first time we did it. :) We have nothing special planned this rest week. I intend to play it by ear every day and do fun stuff. :) Have a great week and make sure you rest up for Meso 3 next week! WHOOOHOOO! :)
  11. marnold

    STS 3.5 SUMMER LADIES:8/2/09-8/8/09

    Good Monday Morning! We did back and biceps yesterday and tonight is Cardio. My low back is a tad sore this am but that is to be expected with 50 lb one legged deadlifts! :eek: I can't believe the strength gains this time around! :) Hope you had a fabulous weekend, Cathy!
  12. marnold

    STS 3.5 Summer Ladies, 6/17/09

    Good Morning Ladies! I can't promise that I will always be able to start the thread but this morning has been quiet! :) Last night DH and I completed Imax 2. I did it (like a complete moron) on two risers and was drenched! I actually love that workout for that reason! Weird?! Tonight is...
  13. marnold

    STS 3.5 Summer Ladies, 6/15/09

    Anyone who wants to join us in a 3.5 month rotation of STS with Cardio. We have done STS 3.5 once through and couldn't get enough, so we are doing it again! :) Post if you are interested in joining us! No cliques here! :) This is just for fun and support! Today: Disc 1, Meso 1, Chest...
  14. marnold

    Another 3.5 STS Rotation with Cardio Check In Starting 6 15 09

    Drover (Cathy), DH and I will be starting another rotation of STS 3.5 month with cardio starting on Monday, June 15th. We haven't really come up with a name for a checkin, but if you would like to join us, please reply. :) Don't forget to include a check in name suggestion. I need all the...
  15. marnold

    WHEW...I am all done I need a report please :)

    Workout Manager Request: I have finally completed entering in all my data for the 3.5 month STS rotation which DH and I completed in May for both of us. :) WHEW! I cannot tell you how much the manager has saved our butts. If it were not for the blender, we would have volumes of hard copy...
  16. marnold

    <---you spin me like a record baaaaby...

    <---wondering where all the chickies are <---was on vacation last week <---didn't do anything exciting, just escaped work :) <---says that DH's job is safe for now <---started furry babies on new organic dog food...California Natural <---thinks the stuff is fabulous! <---better...
  17. marnold

    <---hard to say I love you in a song...

    <---have to say I love you in a song... <---just missing my OAL buddies :( <---having kind of bad day <---explains that DH works at GM Dealership, says for those you following the dealership closures...enough said <---says his bosses won't say anything and hope that a public list like...
  18. marnold

    Happy Birthday! cathyh & kimmercb

    Hope you both have a great birthday! ;)
  19. marnold

    HAPPY Birthday to kellyp513, celestialtimes, CLBON, ShyWolf

    Hope you all have a wonderful day! :)
  20. marnold

    Cathe REQUEST Pretty Please with Sugar on Top!

    DH and I will be starting our second round of STS on June 15th after a month break. We loved your STS and Cardio 3.5 rotation so much, we are requesting another. If you could find the time, could you create another with different cardio? PRETTY PLEASE! We have NEVER been able to follow any...