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  1. SheWolf

    Tickers.....Grrrr! (and I am not talking about my heart)

    I have now wasted over an hour trying to get the data in my weight loss ticker to update in my signature. It looks perfect on the "CatheFun" page but still has the old data in my signature. I have deleted it, deleted cookies, re-inserted, name it, I've tried it. So can somebody...
  2. SheWolf

    jaw ache ??

    Two weeks ago the right joint area of my jaw ached for three days, then day four it seemed fine. Then starting on day 5 until now it aches every morning. I don't notice during the day but that could be because I am too busy.:p Also I will notice the ache if I wake up during the night. Anyway my...
  3. SheWolf

    Out of the Rut - Tuesday

    Oh no, where is everybody? I will admit, I completely fell off the wagon the pass few days and have been lost way deep down in my rut. My eating rut is starting to become a workout rut, because I have had a horrid cold for a week & a half and I was informed I had to wear my hand brace another 3...
  4. SheWolf

    ebay ?

    As far as ebay goes I am an idiot! Anyway, here is my problem - I received the wrong item from the seller. I sent him an email Wednesday but have heard nothing. So what do I do next? BTW, I did pay through Paypal. So do I file a dispute with ebay or paypal? Thanks!
  5. SheWolf

    Hardcore Maniacs on Thanksgiving Day

    I managed to do all 90 minutes of Yoga X. Yay me! I replaced up & down dog with Cobra and extended Child's Pose. Oh and I also got some blocks which help a lot. Today did not feel nearly as horrendous as the first day. I am referring to my dislike the first time, although 90 minutes still seemed...
  6. SheWolf

    10# Challenge - Week of Oct 26

    Okay, The scale was not kind to me.:mad: Five days of great eating and the scale is still at the same weight.:mad: Either that or I am back down to what I was when I started with this challenge the first time.:p I am trying not to get discouraged though and keep trying. Workout this moring was...
  7. SheWolf

    The 10# Challenge

    Okay, Let's get this party started. Hoping someone else will chime in on how we are going to run the reward part of this, but I wanted to get started on the weight loss part. Because I really don't care if there is a prize or not, because if I lose the 10# that will be more than enough reward...
  8. SheWolf

    Hardcore Maniacs for Saturday, August 22nd

    Did most of the cardio from Amy's Advanced Step Challenge 3 Challenging NRG Premix plus some ab work this morning. Had to skip about 5 minutes of it, which was the second time through all 5 combos. Workout was 1:32 and burned 702 calories.
  9. SheWolf

    Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for 04/27

    Can't believe I am starting this. Where is everyone? This morning was Chest and it was a bizarre workout. First I felt like I had less strength then by the third exercise Incline Press I had no energy and felt a bit light headed. More or less finished the whole workout in my head. It was...
  10. SheWolf

    For those who own pace weights....

    do you have the 9 piece set or the 18?
  11. SheWolf


    I find myself with a $32 store credit to GNC and I know nothing about the store and what is worthwhile there to buy. Help!
  12. SheWolf

    How in the world do you do a.....

    "Bent-Over Straight-Arm Dumbbell Lat Pull"? This was in my rotation on Friday for back and I googled it but found nothing. So I did what I thought it was and not sure I did it right.
  13. SheWolf

    ?? for Amy Bento Fans

    Does anybody have a list of Amy's premixes, much like the Cathe Compendium? Wanna share? Would be easier to pick a dvd if I knew what premixes were on it, but was trying to save myself the work of having to create it myself. :p Thanks for the help!
  14. SheWolf

    Alpha Omega Check-In (2/13/09)

    But now faith, hope , love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love. 1 Cor. 13:13 Quick check in before I head back to the hospital with DM. They are giving him a stress test this afternoon. Today was Total Body Challange 3 from Amy's Slo Mo. Again sets had 8 reps with varying...
  15. SheWolf

    Foam Roller DVDs?

    I got a 36" Go Fit Foam Roller for Christmas:D and of course it came with it's instructional DVD, but I was wondering if there were any good Rolling DVD'd out there that do a complete follow along stretching routine. I'll be honest stretching is the most ignored componet of my fitness.:o I am...
  16. SheWolf

    Default Hardcore Fitness Maniac Hotties for 12/12

    Just as I arrived in my basement this morning to workout, actually the exact second I set my water glass down, the power went out.:( I found myself in the pitch black!:eek: I stumbled my way back up the stairs, found a bunch of candles and went back down stairs and got it done.:p Then after...
  17. SheWolf

    ? for Kettlebell fans...

    Without going into the long story, I am just starting with kettlebells (read haven't done them yet) and I ended up with 2 20# KB. My question is will I have a use for two the same weight or should I return one? Now with DB I like to lift heavy, except shoulders, and don't consider 20# heavy. I...
  18. SheWolf

    Hardcore Maniacs for December 5th

    This morning's workout was really different. Again a lot of bodyweight exercises and while I am tired when I am done, I really do miss actually lifting something other than myself. Superset A DB Step ups 8/8/8 - 30's Grasshopper Pushups 8/8/8 per side ***Apparently I had an injury in my right...
  19. SheWolf

    Calling all really organized people....

    Okay I have subscriptions to fitness magazines and I like to save them so I can refer back to workouts that are in them. Well, of course they are piling up and driving me crazy. So what to do? I started taking out the workouts I wanted to save and was going to place them in binders, but that now...
  20. SheWolf

    Hardcore Hotties after Thanksgiving

    Morning, Hope everyone had a great holiday! Mine was quiet and very nice. So my penitence for today was Drill Max in it's entirety. For the most part I went heavier than Cathe except for shoulders. Here I stuck with her because of the trouble I have had been having with my shoulders.