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  1. geomom

    Workout Blender problem

    Hi guys, When I installed the workout blender, I don't think I pointed it to the correct location of my Cathe downloads. Now when I open the workout blender, I don't get of listing of all my Cathe downloads that are on my computer (actually, I have them on a remote drive). I cannot figure...
  2. geomom

    Is the Turbo Tower sold out?

    I was planning to get a turbo tower and it is not showing up in the Cathe store. Does anyone know if it is sold out right now?
  3. geomom

    Overhead press vs. front press?

    Hi, I was doing my 1RM tests for shoulders today and was confused on the difference between exercise 621 which is "Alternating Seated Overhead Shoulder Press" and exercise 675 which is "Seated Front Press Alternating Arms (elbows forward)". The pictures in the pdf file make it look like the...