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  1. stepitup

    FATAL ERROR When Editing Workouts from Calendar

    Hi SNM - I am getting the following error after adding an STS rotation to my calendar and then trying to edit the workout: Fatal error: Call to a member function RecordCount() on a non-object in /home/chrstp1/public_html/workout/classes/user/Calendar.class.php on line 8077 Any assistance you...
  2. stepitup


    Good morning ladies, Nothing much to add since last night! LOL! As promised, I did Ab work this morning (BM2 - doubled everything). I hope my ankle/foot is feeling better by tomorrow. Have a great day!
  3. stepitup


    Morning ladies, Getting us started today....
  4. stepitup

    Committ To get FIT and LEAN Sunday 7/31

    Howdy girls, Just checking in to let you know I made it home safe. Had a wonderful time this weekend and happy to have met all of you!! Can't wait to do it again next year:eek:! Lori, Amelia and Iris - you guys were definitely missed;)!! Off to do some grocery shopping. TTYL!!
  5. stepitup

    Gardening Help..Not Sure Where to Start

    Hi Everyone, The flowerbed in my front yard looks like a mini jungle and I'm sick of living with it after many years. I've decided I'm going to rip everything out that is growing there and plant some low-maintenance, ground cover plants with a little color plants mixed in. Beyond ripping...
  6. stepitup

    Premixes for Downloads

    Hi - I'm not sure if I read this somewhere or just imagined it, but is there a plan to release the premixes that exist on the DVDs? I know that we can recreate them ourselves, but if you don't have a breakdown of the premix, you won't know what to create:eek: Several of the rotations I follow...
  7. stepitup

    MP3 Cardio Workout Recommendations

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction to find great mp3 downloads I can use on my elliptical. I already have all of Cardio Coach (LOVE!) and iTrain (again, LOVE!), but I'm yearning for something new and neither of those guys have had new releases in a while. If...
  8. stepitup

    Anyone using

    I've been using for about two years to track my food & exercise everyday and really want to connect with others doing the same so we can motivate each other, get meal ideas, etc. They also have a great iPhone app if you use one. So, if interested pm me your email address and I will...
  9. stepitup

    Creating Video @ 10% for 12 Hours

    Hi SNM, I have installed the latest WB on my Windows XP machine and was able to successfully use WB (i.e. dragging in videos, previewing, etc) up until actually trying to create the video. I started the process 12 hours ago and the status bar has not moved since. I know that the process can...
  10. stepitup

    WB & Chapters in Older DVDs

    Hi SNM, With the upcoming release of WB, I wondered how it will work with some of the older videos where the chapters are not as granular as the newer workouts. For example, in Body Max there is a chapter for Upper Body, but it would be great if there were chapters for Chest, Back, etc. Will...
  11. stepitup

    Pics From Eggland Event in NYC (4:30 Session)

    Hi Everyone, Just thought I'd post some pics from yesterday's event in case anyone wanted to see them. Enjoy!
  12. stepitup

    Cathe in NY on 6/25

    Hi Everyone, Just got an email announcing that Cathe will be in NY on 6/25 to announce her partnership with Eggland's Best. She will be teaching two STS-inspired lower body classes and I am so happy I got in to one of them:eek: This required a very loud Woohoo! My co-workers all think I'm...
  13. stepitup

    Commit To Get Fit And Lean 4/26

    Morning Ladies! Wow, it's been a while since I've started a thread:D Late last night/early this morning I did iClimb #8, burned 347 calories in 5.5 miles. Felt fabulous! My shoulder is feeling better...guess therapy is working;) I'm holding off on all UB work for a week or two and may...
  14. stepitup

    iClimb/Cardio Coach Recommendations Please

    Good Morning, I just bought an elliptical machine yesterday and want to download some workouts to use with it. I looked at the list of iClimb workouts and can't decide on one. I did the 12 minute sample wo and found it to be a good challenge. I would love to know which are your favorites...
  15. stepitup

    In which week do Pull Ups start?

    Good Morning Cathe/SNM, I haven't gotten around to purchasing anything to do pull ups yet. Can you let me know in which week we will begin doing them? Thanks!
  16. stepitup

    Recommendation for Tilted Knee Cap with Step

    Hi Cathe - Happy New Year!! I have been dealing with a tilted knee cap for about a year and usually experience pain after doing high impact step and kickboxing. Since these are my favorite forms of cardio, it has really been frustrating/depressing not being able to workout the way I'd like. My...
  17. stepitup

    Commit to get fit and lean for Jan 1, 2009!!

    Happy New Year Ladies!! I am up balancing the books and figured I'd get us started today! Yesterday's wo was PUB/MM Back & Bis. Today will be some form of low impact cardio...probably LIS. I am sticking to low impact for a few more weeks/months, but hopefully one day I'll be able to fly...
  18. stepitup

    Hi Debbie (FitnessFreak)..Question 4 U

    Hi Debbie, I hope all is well with you. I wanted to get your input on a slight modificaiton for the '08 summer rotation. I am starting the last week of hte rotation and want to bump up the cardio. I am going to a family reunion and did some serious cheating over the weekend...I...
  19. stepitup

    FITNESSFREAK...Post Fat-Loss Rotation Suggestion

    Hi Debbie, Hope you had a great 4th! I finished the '07 Get Ready for Summer and have started the '08 rotation. The first rotation did wonders for was just what I needed to melt a few inches;) In fact, my results were so great that I was able to move into a smaller size. So, now...
  20. stepitup

    Anybody else counting down???

    Now that June 30th (the earliest day that Workout Manager & the launch of the new site will be released) has passed I find myself checking a few times a day for updates, emails with new pwords, etc. I feel so GIDDY waiting for the release :+ Any day over the next two weeks could be the day...